Wife to be not doing dishes


Dame alikuja mansion last weekend. Vyombo zile niliacha kwa sink on Friday zilikaa hivo hivo hadi Sunday akitoka. Had to look for a cleaning lady to sanitise the mancave when she left. There’s this breed of women who cannot touch anything until you put a ring on her finger. On the other hand, my side chic washes even my underwear without being told. When she’s around I never worry about food, or anything pertaining cleaning the mancave. Shida ni hajasoma sana. How do I nip this vice in the bud before things get more serious?

Meffi wewe. Kwani yeye ni bibi? This nonsense ya wanaume expecting wifely duties from women hatujaoa tutawacha. Akikuja kazi ni kukupea slices. Hire a catering team and cleaning crew to take care if you the entire time.

Release that thing…


Gha seer. I have a strong conviction that any woman who is worth her salt should be allergic to anything associated with dirt.

Chukua hii usomeshe,shida ni, mjinga akierevuka …

Invest in the relationship and stop complaining.
Peleka yeye shule.
It can’t be the only investment you make in a relationship is dicking them.

I wish I could bitch slap you upside ya head right now…

in those days

@Baby Panay hiyo mentality ya ati akikuja kukupea slices ni favor anakufanyia,ndio inaharibu hawa watu.u see akikuja,the act is mutual…si ati yeye ndio ananipea,ata mimi nampea sakamsido…so hapo no one owes anyone anything extra…Paying bills and her maintenance are also “husbandly” duties…but no one complains

wewe ni mlemavu?

Kama ulipika vyombo osha

the real test of knowing how serious the girl is is to do the chores while she is still there…ukiona ata haskii ata “thithii” kidogo au haya then uyo is a throw

Kama hawezi maintain cleanliness ya mancave, akanyange kubwa kubwa akiishia…

Kunguru haogi

Fanya promotion ya huyu wife material na huyu slaykwin afanywe demotion

Kunguru hapelekangwi man cave…lodging ziko

Kama hawezi maintain cleanliness ya mancave, akanyange kubwa kubwa akiishia…


patia yeye reset

Do you also give her enough money? if not wacha kelele

Enroll her for gumbaru

Huyo ni lanye my frien. Hata bed najua hakutandika!