Wife Material of the day

This is why wengine wetu hatupati mabae. If you are like me achana na shisha, on your drive to work asubuhi uone the guy in front of you in the jam, is smoking, you be like asubuhi yote hii ushaanza kutafuta cancer. Like nione tuu mtu anafuta fegi the only thing I think about is that he is also drunk. Yaani me and smoke Enyewe hata siezi kua drug addict coz I hate smoking and sinanga veins za kudungwa ata nikienda lab. Yaani mrembo ako mpaka na voice fry, black ice can, can make me feel like I was poisoned for 2 weeks. It’s only Sangria neza kunywa one glass. These others unless I want to feel sick and moody for 2 weeks. Just 1 not 2.1 is enough to mess me up for 2 weeks.