Wicked Witch of the True Crime Community Nancy Grace joins the furore over the Cal City missing boys

She will crucify these parents. Wonder who is next? Dr. Phil? Tameron? With a complete battery of experts no less, gotta love this woman. Can nobody do true crime like she does it.


Last popular case of missing children the Delphi murders. Still a cold case. I don’t envy anyone raising children in US. A child is abducted every 16 minutes in US.


Like this FB community page for individual groups for the different cases by this community.


For example if you want to follow this case or the missing moms cases like Lynnett Hernandez,Leila Cavette and the Suzanne Morphew’s case or any other unresolved mystery, there’s a sub group with updated info in real time.

For cases that are in court like Letecia Stauch(evil step mother on trial for murder of Gannon Staunch) , Kylie Rittenhouse (Kenosha shooter) and the Lori Vallow/Chad Daybell(Doomsday Mormon couple who killed their kids for turning into Zombies) court tv is great. To follow complete court proceedings live go to crime talk with Scott Reisch or Law and Crime Network is even better they cover from pretrial conference to jury selection to opening and closing statements, jury deliberations and sentencing.