why your identity here must remain secret

unaweza pata your bro yako who is a self proclaimed prophet of jesus ama fathe yako ni talkers and listers wanapost graphic material. Ama upate one of akina supu, ladyette, unicorn and others ni your sisters.
Ama upate mdosi ako hapa na handle ya opposite sex na unamkatia ukimtumianga number. Worse ni upate unakatia employee yako ako na handle ya opposite sex ndio akuulizange, “Is it that bad?”

hehehe ati is it that bad

Kwanza watu wamejianika kwa klist facebook page vibaya,ukiangalia comments watu wanatoa anajuwa huyu ni ild monk,Uwesmake…

Ama msako ikupate kwako


Hehehe ukatie dadako aingie box

hehe…atakupata tu

my lil bro was a lister and i casually mentioned kenyatalk and later while going thru his phone i saw he had registered here(thanks to browser history on his phone) but he never knew my handle on klost

haha mimi sijulikani atleast

Ni nini hii watu uogopa kujulikana hivi? Kwani nyinyi ni ma ex-convict???

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good question, ive met alot of listers (talkers) who are interested in fta

some of us work in environments where background checks is a regular think and periodical appraisals necessary imagine my assessors noting i regularly check the vip lounge of ths forum or occasionally reply to drae frae segments!

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There’s a klist guy who was hitting on my girlfriend. She went to that page, saw a picture of that guy( he uses a different name on fb)… Clicked on his name kumbe the guy is married with a son and he had told her he wanted a long term relationship preferably leading to marriage. Si kama mtu anataka side dish aseme tu badala ya uongo mingi. If you happen to hit on someone here using lies make sure you’re smart enough.

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hehee. I also don’t like to be known ovyo ovyo. I was introduced to klost by a frnd around '09 and registered pap. he only knew my first handle bt after I was banned for almost nothing, I decided to re-register anew and never told him of my new incognito. I introduced a nijja in the following year and he behaved the same only that I was slightly smarter than he could think. I grabbed his fon when he was busy scrolling down a listing and in his mind, someone’s incognito could only surface easily on the landing page.
I quickly went down the comment section, typed a ‘space’ and posted the reply and pap! though I don’t know why we get cultic coz myself, I dont surf past a minute if I get a feeling that someone is peeping.

I didn’t know anyone on klost or here. Pia siko facebook, about two years ago I discovered it was possible to delete the account permanently. Never looked back. Its fun being anonymous, there aren’t restrictions. However if my identity were to get known siezi mind sina la kuficha.

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Watu wa delete comments zao kwa kenyanlist facebook page na tuanze na mark, tito timothy…

was in facebook, some mauki family chic stalked me and wanted to know what i did for a living…told her i was mtombaji hodari and would be happy if she allowed me to tear her pussy up…she never talked again


There is reason why anonymity is a requirement in villages like KTalk. Ukitaka kujianika enda fb na bado huko you can still use some incognito handle.
Other than that,I have only introduced myself to less than five guys since I joined the now very dead klost. But I must say I have enjoyed every minute of interaction with those few.