Why you should reduce your ugali consumption


Ooh grat,ofcourse,it had to have an american angle,they are the SI unit of what people should and should’nt eat. Ugali is staple food for the whole half of africa,most brainy african bantu folks were raised on it…but anyway its america,wacha niskie ya mwingine

hata tarumbeta ikipigwa nitaambia mungu angonjee kwanza nitandike kuon

Na ‘ngunjagutuu’ ??

Ngunjagutu is so delicious. Especially when taken in the morning when it’s cold

I don’t eat ugali but hii maneno “inasemekana” na nani?


American scientists

Could it be tied to why Africans are generally thought to have a low IQ?

Utagombana na Waluyha

Most likely