Why You Should Never Talk About Your Business Ideas

Why you should not talk about your business ideas

Do you share your business ideas with others?
When was the last time you told your friends about your business ideas?
When was the last time you shared your business idea with someone?
Do you know that this action can be very harmful to your business?
First of all I aint talking about situations where you are sharing your business idea because you are seeking partnership or some kind of professional advice but i am rather talking about situations where you share your business ideas with others for no specified reason.
But what’s the problem with sharing a business idea with a close friend?

All new Beliefs are usually fragile.
When you develop a new belief, it’s usually too fragile that it can be easily changed if someone tried to prove it wrong. After a belief gets stronger it becomes hard for others to change it but in the early days of the belief formation, this belief is usually very fragile.
A business idea is nothing more than a belief in a certain vision or a certain goal. If you shared that idea with the wrong people too early then they can make you change your mind about it very easily.
If you only told your idea to one person and this person didn’t like it then your mind will think that 100% of the people who heard about the idea didn’t like it. Even worse if you told the idea to two people who didn’t like it then you might believe that it’s a very bad idea even though it might be a good one.

When to tell people about your business ideas.

If you believed that your idea is great then the best thing you should do is to not tell others about it until you find enough proof that you are on the right track. The reason for this is simple.
If you got enough proofs then your belief will become stronger and the negative comments from your friends or peers won’t be able to affect your faith in the business.

-Beliefs weaken as opposing beliefs are introduced. The stronger a belief is, the less likely it is to weaken when an opposing belief is introduced.

Whom should you tell about your business ideas.

While it’s strongly recommended to keep the ideas to yourself in the early stages still there are some people you should tell about those ideas. Generally positive and self motivated friends might give you a push and might make your belief about the business stronger.
Avoid telling pessimists, people who failed recently or those who didn’t succeed yet about your plans for those people might put you down and steal your energy.
Remember that an idea is like a small baby. It has to grow to become stronger before it’s introduced to people who might attack it.


Very insightful… citation please

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@Fearless this happened to me a few years ago. i was to start a chicken business where I would sell chicken parts(full chicken also included) to those who wanted to to eat chicken but couldnt afford a full one. Sought advice from friends and relas(i had the capital btw) but most of them were like; “sasa nani anataka kununua piece moja moja za kuku?” which really demotivated me from starting up the business. The idea died and I never kicked it off as i had planned.
-Right now i can see such businesess in my esto. someone opens up a butcher and sells chicken parts; wings, liver, thighs, legs, drumsticks, giblets, gizzard; and biz is booming the profit margins are crazy! na-regret sana!!!

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hope its a lesson learnt and you’ll not listen to the naysayers again…

I don’t not understand this crazy obsession to “share” even business ideas, especially with our copy and paste behavior. This is the reason good ideas go to shit.

Case in point, Greenhouse farming.

Waaa!! Never ever. An idea is like a toddler; let it mature first into an adult then spread it; thats what I learned! Hehe! Ama labda hawakunitakia mazuri; hii dunia si kila mtu atabambika ukiendelea

What has killed greenhouses @Mr Black ? Its a goldmine for alot of farmers!

I wonder too

Boss, talk about your business ideas to THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Otherwise you’ll just be setting yourself up for failure.

here is the source


I also know guys who put up greenhouses only to abandon them a few months later because of glut of produce especially tomatoes.

What I detest is the copy and paste behaviour, the market eventually sheds off weak players leaving the serious guys to make good money.


But you have no problem ‘sharing’ someone’s wife?

I do, I think its an insult to her husband. I keep off married women.

Insightful… I also have a few ideas on Applications that I can develop but naogopa kuambia mtu since they will steal the ideas right away… Problem is I can’t even approach my lecturers or any professionals since pia nawahofia but I can’t create them myself since sina expertise… DILEMMA

Hio ndio challenge ya IT. Everyone in the field is an enemy. Find a close pal and risk it. Or get into one of the many developers’ forums and ask someone what they think. Someone in the Phillipines or India. Mkyong, that java guru usually replies

When you say, " I don’t not…" you actually negate what you intend to say. Don’t is enough without the not. :wink:

Thanks and welcome back!

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