Why would such a beautiful girl be doing this on cam!


To get ahead in society always takes brains. even to appropriate looks for profit takes brains. she probably could have made millions on youtube or some other decent place but she knows nothing.

What a loss!

One token is 0.50 dollar that is approximately ksh50. Imagine one guy randomly tip 100 tokens that is 50$ =ksh5000 these bitches get up to 1000 tokens ~500$= ksh50000 on a good day. Let’s say she gets an average of ksh30000 a day and works 5days a week that is ksh150000. Man! You can’t lecture a whoring skunk out of this once it gets into her head hata family members wakijua hii ndio biashara anafanya.

This one has made a few millions in her day and has practically nothing in the space between her ears …


She simply barters with the organ between her thighs … :D:D

Hiyo hata ni kidogo. On YouTube livestreams nimeona mtu akitip $250…kwa ndume mwenzake. Sasa imagine ile pesa simps hutolea crush wao?

[ATTACH=full]430461[/ATTACH]And that kids is why you never hear mbirrioneas complaining about others making money no matter how crude their methods

Simps have to part with their money somehow :D:D:D

Time ya covid kuna dame 18 yrs bought a decent house cash huko Trumpland juu ya hii mambo. Those hoes make some serious bank. Halafu unapata some escort n strip offline. Beats their agemates who work in dead end jobs.

Would you have watched if she was ugly? Maswali zingine sijui mnaulizanga mkifikiria nini.

kila mtu aishi maisha yake

she has brains. it doesnt mean she could make a wife but she definitely has more brains than the other sufferers that are posted here who are sometimes younger and better looking but solicit for 1000 bob.

I feel for the families of these cam girls. The money must be nice but the stigma? Imagine being her parent or sibling.


Wewe unanikalia captain-save-a-whore .The type that sees beautiful women in bars and strip clubs and rationalizes how they shouldn’t be there.
Don’t save them jamaa . Someone has to strip and hoe for our pleasure and the more beautiful the better.


Kuna streamer mwengine anaitwa bella daphne huko uk, dem alikuwa anaingiza $1M a month. She was really huge popularity wise.

Hawa ranjeets engineers wamekafunga

ukipata mtoto wako anafanya kazi kama hii just know you’ve failed as a parent. Although if you shine the harsh light of reason upon hii topic, you’ll realize she is hurting no one.

She enjoys the dildo in her nyap and she gets money. Lakini kama mwanaume your pride will take a hit.

Wababa siku hizi hawako present in the lives of kids. Hii ndio manifestation of absent fathers.