Why womens shud avoid alkoho

1.Women are homekeepers and child rearers. A woman who drinks can’t balance between her drink and those tough roles.
2. It’s hard for a drunk woman to refuse sexual advances by men in a pub. This poses a risk on her health and marriage.
3. Women’s physiology wasn’t created to handle alcohol. They black out more faster.
4. In cases where the woman drinks late into the night without reliable company, her safety is highly jeopardized. She may fall prey too violence, rape, or other dangers easily.
5. Women are the spiritual coordinators in their homes. Engaging in drinking may compromise this role.
6. Alcohol during pregnancy is generally bad for the fetus.
Ongezeni zingine.


Typing error. I know it’s drunk.

Elder, wacha hawa wanawake wafanye kile wanachotaka kufanya na maisha. What they do does not put food on my table or pay my bills and i could care less i suggest you do the same.

Have you told your sisters this?

Several sensitive cases have made me to take this stance.


You can not save everybody and women dont want to be saved all you can do is tell females that you care( close female friends and families) be careful out there.

Watajuaje hiyo landline unatumia haina auto correct mkubwa :D:D …


Drinking woman = Uber chap chap

Say no more.

You are talking from both sides of your mouth.

How so? All am saying is that you tell them how it is out here which by that time you hope that they already know but then after that its up to them to decide. Shauri yao.

You guy Buana !!! ,we just marinate marinate this ngeos and we bomoa !!! Them a good one

Your ‘advice’ begins with an assumption about gender roles and obligations. I will not belabour your other arguments, but dare say that the dangers of drinking are probably greater for men than for women in Kenya.

[SIZE=7]Kenya: ‘Mchele’ Gang - Why You Need to Rethink That Plan of Hanging Out in Murang’a Town[/SIZE]

[I]Male revellers have raised concerns over increasing predatory drugging and drink-spiking cases by a group of women who frequent popular bars in Murang’a town.

The Nation has established that at least 10 men have fallen victims in the last one month only.

The women reportedly have an eye for national government employees, senior policemen and bankers, and most of the time target men who have cars.

At first the women pretend to be new in town only to seduce and drug their victims, before robbing them in nearby lodgings or in the men’s cars.

Single men who take the women home wake up to find their electronics and other valuables gone.

The victims who spoke to Nation on condition of anonymity because they are married said they do not know the drugs the women use to spike their drinks.

“I was in my third beer when a lady asked whether she could join me. I bought her two beers. She said she was in town to visit a friend who had not shown up but decided to wait in the club since she was new in the area,” said a drink-spiking victim.


The victim said he took the woman home where she cooked a meal that on eating made him dizzy only to regain consciousness hours later.

A married man who talked to Nation said a woman he met in one of the bars asked for a ride home, only to persuade him to take an energy drink that she claimed would lower the level of alcohol in his body.[/I]

[I]“I woke up the following day without a coin, a mobile phone and my personal identification documents. I almost lost my job as I could not manage to get to work,” he said.

He said the woman left him with a huge debt after asking friends to loan him money through his mobile phone.

A Murang’a-based doctor Mr Humphrey Gikonyo said he has treated several drugging victims.

“The drugs are very dangerous especially when mixed with alcohol since when combined they have a powerful anaesthetic effect,” he told the Nation.


Murang’a Bar Owners Association chairman Paul Waweru said the drink-spiking suspects are non-locals and urged proprietors to be vigilant.
“We are aware of these cases and I have instructed bar owners mount CCTV cameras to monitor women with suspicious character,” he said.
Murang’a County Commander Mohamed Farah said they are investigating the incidents but urged the victims to record statements at the police station.

“The problem with the victims is that they are not recording statements with us so that we can act,” he said.[/I]


You should be warning our resident herd of half-a-males. :smiley:

Is she still selling sweaters pale kwa stalls,tell her i need her

Osungu.dll. Wacha wanawake walewe wajiharibu wenyewe.

You are advising ‘them’ as who? I mean, don’t get it? is it your wife, sista, mother etc that you are talking about? you cannot stop Kenyan women of today from drinking. You don’t want them as I gather so it is a level playing field. Tukunywe sote, tupeane slices and everyone goes on their merry way. You are all v confused.

I don’t have a problem with women drinking. It’s their right and they are free to do whatever they want
On a personal level however, I cannot date a woman who takes alcohol

Women who drink alcohol are great friends but I can’t touch them. They know mens secrets and weaknesses, thts why i like their company. Wanajua mengi