Why Women Kill Their Husbands

Cases of women hiring gangs to eliminate their husbands are on the rise. Obviously, most of these murders rarely come into light but all too often, you hear about gangs executing a man while he awaits his gate to be opened. In most cases, nothing is stolen. Most if not all of these cases involve women hiring criminals to kill their men. But why?

Rarely will a woman married to a ‘Mjengo’ man hire a crook to kill her husband. On the contrary, most of the victims are normally well off.

The modern woman is conditioned to believe that in marriage, just like in life, she is entitled to everything that her hearts crave for. Life is supposed to revolve around her. Man must offer real deal if she is to even date him. In short she must have her way. When such a woman gets married, she views her husband as a biological ATM. And, yes, the husband’s wealth is meant to satiate her desire for luxuries. If her man owns rental buildings, the income generated is meant to afford her the best that life can offer.

Now, many men who have struggled to build their fortune will be naturally very cautious with their wealth. Unnecessary luxuries are a no no to these men. So, you’ve got a situation where the wife sees the husband as an obstacle to her desire to enjoy the best of life. ‘ If my husband’s apartments generate 700k per month, why the f*ck should be he alive. What’s the use of him anyway’, the wife reasons.

In no time, a gang dispatches the man to the world of his ancestors.

This all boils down to people getting married for all the wrong reasons: if your wife fell in ‘love’ with you because you own a Nakumatt, why do you think she wont eliminate you in order to enjoy the ‘nakumatt’ alone(or possibly with that young stallion)?

If you’ve got 300m in your account and you are not spendthrift, your wife will mostly plot about how to enjoy that money alone.

So, at the end of the day you’ve got cemeteries full of men whose only crime was being wealthy and marrying the wrong women.

I always tell people that marriage will only regain its glory when people will start getting married to their real friends of opposite sex and NOT ‘lovers’. If you look carefully, most stable marriages are between childhood ‘friends /sweethearts’ not these relationships that are entered into on the basis of one’s earning capabilities.

Before people fall in ‘love’ they should first be genuine friends. As it is now, very few women consider their husbands to be their friends and vice versa. If your wife is your best friend, very rarely will you spend time hanging around ciru, that barmaid at your local; similarly if your husband is your best friend, you as a woman will rarely seek solace in these swindlers called pastors.

If you marry that woman simply because she is pregnant with your kid, you are just entering the mansion of misery. If you get married to a man because of his wealth, you will, along the way, be tempted to eliminate him in order to enjoy his sweat alone.

Whenever a rich man dies in a suspicious manner, common sense demands that the wife should be treated as the first suspect.

Many men make the mistake of assuming that the bonds between them and their wives are stronger that flesh and blood. No. In most marriages, the bonds between men and their wives revolve around the future of the kids. That is why the wife hangs around. Today, if all kids disappeared mysteriously, many married women would walk away from their marriages the following day. If you as a man have apartments that can cater for your kids’ future, you are nothing to your wife. So don’t get surprised when that bullet dismantles your heart.


Ukweli usemwe

On the part of Marrying because she is due with your child, its kind of a dilemma for men because she might blackmail you with child upkeep if you ebd up not Marrying her

People who tend to offer solution to life’s problems most of them are afraid of living that life.o_O;)

marriage is doomed.

Cold hard facts…

You only understand people (friends, relatives, spouse, parents, pastor e.t.c) well the moment you start earning a decent income. This is a lesson only learnt through experience as one builds his career and business with time. When spouses from poor background marry as young couples they usually do not know each other well. You can not know whether your spouse is a drunkard or extravagant simply because there is no money to spend. This problem of wife killing their husband can only be solved by marrying a seasoned woman who already has a carrer or business is earning. And even then you have to do that painstaking evaluation before you enter into marriage.

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Women, like all other female mammals will want to think that life should revolve around them. And its true. Nature cares only for the next generation. Thats why. A woman wants money, but at the same time wants all attention, an insolvent problem. Women, despite the smooth skin, litttle physical strength, and innocent looks, have a near complete lack of compassion for anything other than their brood. Sad enough, this egocentrism is encouraged by nature to a good extent, because this is how women are able to ensure survival for themselves and their children. Its an old adaptation and genes dont change overnight. How many times have you seen women get out of their way to help anyone except for when culture demands so? And how many times have you seen men do the same? If you give your woman the space to understand that she can do without you, Diiieeeee…Diieee mutha f*cker. She must feel that she and her brood survive because you are there. Period.

Abt wome being friends, no. There are many women out there who could be your very good friends for a long time, especially in luxury. @karl marx in saying the truth in the last paragraph, contradicts himself: That women only stay in marriage because of children alone. This fact invalidates all other arguments abt being friends n sh*t.
“Marriage is abt halving your rights and doubling your responsibilities”(Arthur Schopenhauer)