Why was the election nullified?

From the judgement reading today, why was the election nullified? We have not been given any substantial reason apart from generalities on processes about the systems sijui 3G,servers et al. No IEBC official has been held culpable. So what exactly went wrong? Could there be another reason why Smokin Wanjala decided to go to London today apart from taking his kid to school…


criminal compromised lazy judges. thats what this was about


they were redeeming themselves in the eyes of raila,and because they were voters themselves may be they voted for raila


Iebc and SC were played like a f.ucking guitar.

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Angalia huyu jamaa…So if IEBC did not occasion the irregularities and illegalities, then who did? UK was also absolved of any wrong doing in the Sep 1 ruling. Confused fellows.

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i think maraga and the 3 others are contradicting themselves…i thought if no one was culpable then vote recount could have been the best option…their reasoning do not meet the ktalk threshold


With a nod to @gapcrew, here is why:


Because we are tired of the long two_tribe regime

Being NASA activists, they had to nullify the election, whether they was evidence or not

I am also very suspicious of these travels abroad by senior people in independent institutions.

Let it be noted that Mr. Fred Ngatia CATEGORICALLY !!! Opposed vote recount on behalf of his client.
…labda alijua kompyuta ilitaga vifaranga, ama al ghurair had stuffed some ballots after results were declared.

This photo was taken on November 1st 2016. Let’s argue with facts, not propaganda.