Why use online shopping in Kenya

Why use Dukalako online shopping platform

Just like any other country in the world, Kenya is alive to the fact that no country can develop without embracing technology. Days when shopping involved walking into a store (miles always from home) to buy products are long gone. Now, this does not mean that conventional shopping is dead, only that there are options and alternatives unlike in the past when physical shopping was the only means to having products.

Today especially in advanced Countries, online shopping is the big. Billions of dollars are spent on online stores annually. Fortunately, Kenya has not been left behind when it comes to that as Dukalako among others have provided online shopping platforms. Dukalako has virtually all you would look for in a conventional store.

Kenya has what it takes to serve her online citizens. Kenyans however have been somewhat behind the major global players. This is partly due to a lack of proper infrastructure, delivery logistics and a national lack of trust in the safety of purchasing goods online.
This however is changing as our country’s Internet gets cheaper and faster and also with available of safe online shopping platforms like Dukalako, there are now increasing numbers of Kenyans sitting in front of their computer screens and spending money online.

A high percentage of Kenya small and medium enterprises are yet to realize the importance of creating online brand and its effect in increasing sales. If your small company is not using internet effectively, then it means you are simply losing sales.
Here are some reasons why your business needs to establish and enhance online presence:
Get customers from every part of the globe. Strong online presence will get your prospects from every region, as internet access is not limited to geographical location.
Cost-effective and efficient marketing. Dukalako is vital in promoting your products and services. Online presence provides a platform to inform your visitors/potential customers about the benefits of your products. The cost of selling online is very low, especially when compared to maintaining physical store.
Round the clock availability for customers. Unlike physical business, Dukalako is accessible 24 hrs a day. Hence orders can be made online anytime of the day. Customers also can make inquiry, forward suggestions anytime they like.
Business brand promotion. Providing relevant and useful information in Dukalako will play an important part in improving your business image and PR
Customers Feedback. Dukalako also provides a good forum for visitors/client/prospects to ask you questions regarding your products and services. Dukalako is more beneficial than other means, as visitors can post them anytime and anywhere in the world. Suggestions made by them are very crucial in improving your products.
The Internet can make your offline marketing more effective, for example, your direct mail campaign can send prospects to your online shop where you can then guide them through the sales process.

How does it work? na hizo picha haziko cropped vizuri.

Hi Davidee,

see below on how Dukalako works

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How do u resolve issues such as refunds damaged goods or fake products? Waranties and such.

we generally go by the shop’s return policy, plus we insure all products sold on the site.

Sellers get rated and therefore it is in their best interest to provide the best service/product possible. We can also ban users that try to fraudulently transact or to provide substandard services, this is not a new concept as it has worked in other places i.e Ebay and alibaba.

A tough market to get into

@Kaluka tru.

Get real goods from Amazon ebay and many other online retailors in the UK.

Thats what i am currently doing and its delivery to my doorstep all inclusive of customs and taxes.


Give them a call i am glad i am no longer doing my online shopping locally and prices are great for the products and most importantly you dont have to worry about fake goods love it and pay with Mpesa.

Call them and find our for yourselfs.

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