Why Uhuru did handshake and BBI - the truth finally revealed

Some believe that Uhuru did handshake out of genuine reason to bring the country together after the divisive elections. This couldn’t be further from the truth
BBI and handshake was a succession tool for Uhuru and his deep state and he had planned this before elections though he needed Ruto first to secure second term. This explains why he couldn’t kick him out in 2017 if he was genuinely tired with Ruto.
Right after elections Uhuru showed his true colors to Ruto and he did handshake and BBI not to benefit Raila but to deal with Ruto and later dump Raila. Uhuru plan was to crush and finish Ruto politically and the only way he planned to do this was through Raila. He thought by bringing Raila in the fold he will neuter Ruto politically to a point that he could be less influential and of no effect. His plan then was once Ruto has been neutered he could dump Raila and kick his succession matrix into place… Which mainly was Gideon with Mudavadi a surrogate brought into place to assist sanitize the union.
Uhuru is realizing its becoming difficult containing Ruto and Raila on the other hand is still strong. This is why he is all over fuming and catching feelings because he has realized too late in time that his game has not worked out. He is faced with a harsh reality that he might be forced to accept a Ruto or Raila presidency something he never wanted. His hope was BBI could have been a tsunami to deal with Ruto conclusively and then deal with Raila but it never worked out as expected. This explains to you why Ruto has been fighting BBI all along because right from the beginning Ruto knew BBI was a succession tool and what Ruto could do was to neuter it so that it does not gain momentum and tsunami as Uhuru wanted. And Ruto went on an offensive strategy of painting BBI as evil and bad thing earlier enough to neuter it.

Safi sana @Starscream kuja utafutie huyu kijana ya Bomet malaya atombe atulie

You have an uncanny knack for spotting the obvious. You need to tattoo this on your forehead; nobody can tame Raila Odinga.

It’s game over for Raliar Odinga…He is no match for the crafty and street Ruto at any rate.

And you know this how? Since you seem to be suggesting that you’re stating facts rather than opining

Your so called hustler was singing hymns, reciting the white man’s bible, and grossly inflating t-shirt prices to defraud tax payers while Raila Odinga was at the forefront of the liberation struggle braving GSU batons and tear gas, incarceration and murder, ethnic cleansing and land clashes perpetrated by a brutal, oppressive, tyrannical, corrupt Kalenjin-led regime. They can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence much less the same book.

Kalenjins hatujategemea Moi siku ata moja. We are humble people and eat our own sweat. tunaishi kama squatters hapa mau forest, na hatutamani vitu za watu ama maisha ya raha. tunalima mahindi na kufuga mifugo ikiwezekana.

Which kalenjin leader is not a thief?

Keter maffi ya umbwa ako KPLC and never before has that parastatal been so mismanaged.

Do we have leaders in Kenya? Is there a politician who is not a thief? Nani huyo? Kuna watu wametembea dunia mzima, na wao husema hawajaona virgin kwa maternity ward

Wacha panganga mob, just answer the question.

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Watu have no agenda for Kenya.
Kamanda in Lodwar all the way to talk about Ruto.
It’s nauseating now

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Hustlers nation your vote numbers dont add up,NO MATTER how you marathon around the country.
Numbers numbers of vote cards at the ballot box determine the result.

You are now in your final stage: