Why they never went back to the moon

Because all the Nazi scientists who helped do it had died by 80s or too old

Wernher von Braun died in 1977


Dr Hubertus Strughold , high altitude Doctor


Arthur Rudolph


nazis were the best then, but they still have many scientists of german heritage.

Russia has the technology but America has the money,if you know ,you know.


Then Russia had the technology but today the Americans have more than the Russians could imagine because of money. Anyway R&D is really expensive and without money there is no technological advancement that’s why America still rules the world

USA succeeds from leeching and stealing from other countries , if you know , you know !

Russia ako mbele ya America ,where it counts,ask yourself why America fears Russia,america Ni Kama slaykwin all hype but struggles to deliver when shit hits the fan

America poaches the best brains in the world. Unfortunately, Trump introduced funny immigration policies. Best brains are now migrating to Canada and Europe. One of the reasons for her downfall will be this.

Look at the numbers because they are all that count. American Military spending is more than 15 times what Russia spends (Stockholm international peace research institute). In fact Walmart revenues is twice that of whole of Russian economy. Russia is good at showcasing their military strength. Since the USA began imposing sanctions on Russia, their economy has been compressed by more than 60% and now Putin is out of choices. They have an old population that cannot work and solely depend on and arms oil exports to survive. Russia can best be compared to the likes of South Korea who even have a bigger economy than them. Research and Development is really expensive and without the cash you cannot make it. That’s why American tech giants still rule the world. Apart from Yandex and Kaspersky which was kicked out of the US which other Russian tech exist.

Exactly, America is ahead because it attracts the best minds in the world and its the reason they may continue to be the leaders.

My fren ,You are confusing a few things here ,first ,just because you know very little about Russia technology doesn’t make it second rate or inferior ,just look at it’s ammunition companies ,oil companies ,timber and timber products, vodka companies and of course it’s nuclear power companies, Russia is a giant that is chilled out unlike it’s American brother. Secondly Russia population is aging just like Japan , UK , Germany and even the USA. Why do the Russian s even seat in the UN security council with veto power?

Germans makes the best scientists and engineeers. Saa hizi naskia ati German scientists wametengeneza machine yenye inatoa Co2 kwa hewa ndio wapunguze Global Warming effects.
Even the best cars come from Germany.

This is very true… ask Chinese… they’ve been stealing a lot of German technology to get to where they are now… Germans invest a lot on R and D

Ukiona Krones machinery in some beverage factories in Kenya ndio utaheshimu Germans apart from their Mercedes

Its not about knowing little about Russia its about numbers infact Russia is best compared to South Korea and and Brazil. Just imagine that Walmart revenues are more than the entire Russian Economy, that the US military spends more than the entire Russian economy. To the US that’s like a drop in the ocean. No Russian company can even come close to US giants in Tech and defense. If you want to witness American might just read of how American sanctions have suppressed the Russian economy by more than 60%. In terms of technology, Russia has decades to get there. Most importantly, having a permanent seat at UN with a veto power does not guarantee anything. Japan has no permanent seat yet have an economy 10 times bigger than than of Russia. Russia got the permanent seat because of the once mighty USSR but after its collapse Russia can barely make ends meet.

Russia economy is largely unaccounted for because it’s “underground”,do you know who is the world’s richest man is ? Why does the USA and it’s Allies meet for a crisis meeting each time Russia sneeze’s?How can a “peasant” Russia hack the USA elections with such ease? Show me any war the USA has ever won against Russia , through proxy countries off course? The USA shows it’s muscles but the Russian s USE their muscle