Why there are no women at the top

We get alot these days about sijui women are not being given opportunities, there are no women at the top Mara we need 2/3rds gender rules. It’s all stupidity because women do not want to be at the top. They don’t despite what they write on Twitter or Facebook or whatever it is women write quotes they don’t live by.
You see it right from campus that women like the easy way out. At great cost to their well being. A young girl is sleeping with someone who could be her father nyama kwa nyama, you think she enjoys it? If she did she would never lie about going to visit her relatives on weekends. Kumbe ako tu hapa Hilton getting bomolewad by a middle manager. Any guy who has had the privilege of getting old goodies from a milf has no reason to hide it.
Now when these women reach corporates where they do nothing but drink tea and wear short skirts for middle management, they want to slack their way to the top. They try sleeping but it doesn’t work. Who seriously is going to get a ratchet he sleeps with in his money business? Kwani wewe ni toast aje? And sleeping around shows how dumb these women are. My dear, it only takes 3 months for a fresh thicc intern to upstage you. Sasa tutapelekana wapi? Once I’ve fucked you without a condom we are pretty much done Madame.
The women with staying power, wakifika early 30s they marry rural bred men and secure their retirement. Unajua rural bred men are so impressed by the tweng these ratchets throw around. So these women no longer need to work hard but expect lifestyle on the upward from the man’s sweat. That’s why there are no women at the top.
Those who are are miserable. Ask around, career successful women are a miserable lot because nobody loves them or gives them attention the way a woman would. You see a rich man doesn’t really care if you are sleeping with him for money. All he wants is for laying a Chic to be as easy as masturbating. But a successful mama will get a man wapi? She obviously want a man more successful than her but these kinds of men, like me, want feminine women not feminists.

Okay, this is bullshit!!

This is top drawer, mate. Let the twats moan all they want

I think there is just too much hate mahali apa ndani. Tho I know, by the time women get there, the goals will have shifted. They always be catching up.

It’s true…its lonely at the top. For women of course. But a combo of a successful woman who is respective and submissive is every man’s dream.

Hapa sijui ama wanaume tuko na ruhusa ya kureply?

Me i just kumbukad…all i need is a moti to bomoa these corporate chiles

Shabba Ranks approves this message.

You cannot say there are no women at the top na wewe mwenyewe you are not at the top. Kiria kanua

It takes two to tango. That behaviour can be blamed at both the women and men.
If a man knows better, show it. A major problem is there are grown men who become stupefied when pussy is thrown their direction and they pretty much forget how to do things correctly coz he’s getting laid.
Hiyo ututo plus other misdeeds end up giving us poor quality institutions. Ndio tumelalia maskio sana.

I smell some likkle truth in your sentiments, @Andrew Kibe

Pewa legend on my bill na ulipe… :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Its true. Men will always be men…women will always be women.

i see some sense in it but @Andrew Kibe , just wait for @GeorginaMakena aone hii thread utandikiwa two pages ya Ktalk.


You type like a gay

Sawa mzito, waambie ukweli

The word PHD will also be thrown around for good measure.


Habari ya Friday dear hapo Mlolongo?