Why the Supreme Court decision is a wise decision from RWNBP team point of view

The decision was simply made to prevent chaos as we know jamaa wa vitendawili would not have accepted any other decision, sasa tutarudi kwa debe tuchape Mzee raila RKO vizuri akishindwa this time sijui ataenda wapi tena


Is that what the Court said?

If that was the reason, that’s stupidity. That’s allowing kony to hold the country at ransom. But ok RWNEBp round 2 loading

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Message approved!

IEBC flaunted basic regulations, they breached the law and that was the basis of this nullification. Uhuru still has my vote no matter the number of repetitions.

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Numbers never lie…am seeing 2 million difference na turnout itakua 9 million iyo November


Machungu nayo…

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Raila ata Read only access to presidency hapati

tupatane kwa debe,rwnebpe