Why the current crop of ladies look older than their Age

Nowadays ladies are looking quite old for their age.Met this chick (guessed her age to be around 26-28)and exchanged Numbers.Tried having a conversation but noted Was somehow off.Hatukupatana.So we met for drinks and asked for her age alikuwa 20years.This is my 5th time.Whats wrong,is it diet lack of exercise/chores?

Bangi na cheap liquor

Ni wewe ndo mdogo. Enda gym

Road side junk food, sitting all day , uncontrolled liquor consumption, men praising land whales and all want to be fat now with huge hangy abdomen.

Lifestyle. Wale wanawake nilikuwa nikiwaona warembo nikikutana nao huwa nakata acute angle kuavoid. Wamechapa sana, huwa nashukuru niliponea. Hapan tambua vikongwe ilhali kuna mali safi iko circulation every 10 year cycle:D:D:D

My observation too. Some 22 year olds look like they have been married for 10 years.

Mtasema lifestyle and what not. But I believe girls nowadays want to look older. Looking older has it’s benefits they get to clubs, sponsors hawaogopi ati wanakatia watoto and such. So you’ll find them wearing makeup that makes them look older and even the clothing and style. Plus utapata they all check the same makeup tutorials which are mainly carried by older women. Utapata tu they’re indirectly trying to look mature. Hii sanasana utapata na girls wa kwenda out.

Time is harder on women I think. If they don’t take care of themselves in their early years and onwards they deteriorate very quickly and don’t seem to recover. We all know a chick who was smoking hot in high school or university, meet them 5 years later and you can’t believe you once wanted to screw them.

Ulikula ama haikukula?..to answer your question…it’s diet…too much sugar ,chunk and alcohol

You don’t say

Birth control “solutions” wreck their hormones vibaya sana. Ukiongezea alcohol and other drugs, which 93% of girls/women consume to show how independent they are, mambo kwisha.

Umama, meffi

Hapana katia dame ghetto

A kalady galdem i had met kakiwa 15 years nimekameet this week sasa ni campus gal kako 22 yrs. Kagaldem kameiva ikawa guka atoi macho hapo na kaka notice - all this long am asking myself kumbe good things are outside here nilikuwa nafanya nini ktalk na malaya bottom-barrel referals ‘utalipa gapi’ shit!!!

The fakeup chemicals they use also contributes to the aging

Pills kumezwa kama njugu…

True observation l even meet 19 yr olds who look kedo 24 to 26 huko kienyeji wa kitambo. I think it is a lifestyle thing. Hawa new youngins ni middo crass wameraisiwa na telly they believe that American junkie lifestyle ndio the thing. Alafu juu ya msoto na mashida za 3rd world they go for the worst ish… Chipo mwitu, smokies, smoking, cheap liquor, fake makeup /bleaching cream etc

Alafu these thangs are sxing mbaya sana exchanging boyz kama pants so that shit takes a toll. A girl that was red hot mpe a few years hapo nje na miradi za mafisi uone. Wale nacheki wa aponea ni mababi as long as they keep fit

Aponea meaning

Junk food, cheap liquor, sedentary lifestyle, birth control pills, cigarettes and bhangi, etc. They are aging at an astronomical rate.