Why should a man kneel before a woman?

Hii upuss mlitoa wapi bonobos? This is a display of weak frame in a relationship.

shughulika na mangeta,kula jaba,lipisha kuvuka bridge,ng’arisha petco,tafuta mradi ya kesho,vaa kondom ukiendea ghetto fabulas usijaze mbegu yako mtaani, make sure mvua haingii kwa hio mabati ya subwoofer yako ama godoro itakuwa wet. Vitu zingine ziko beyond your jungle software capacity . [SIZE=1]wacha nikanyoe fudhii ya wamama,this is too much[/SIZE]

One of the things I dislike about getting married


Hio yote halafu umeangukia bride-zilla.

I compare it with bending the knee in game of thrones. The picture in my head isn’t pretty. It doesn’t inspire me to do it.

It’s a foreign culture borrowed from watching Hollywood movies.

Chieth white traditions. Africans wakitambo ilikua unaDF ukiweka ball umepropose

It’s akin to asking for a pardon from the hangman; a complete farce if u ask me.

and what does the wife do to show respect and obedience to the dumb dude?

Hii upuzi hata kama i oppose mgtow red and blue pill ideologies wachia wazungu. As an african man you should NOT kneel for a woman.

Hiyo slit ya hiyo ngoko ina reveal thighs tamu sana, wish the cameraman took another pic from a favourable angle

Even wedding rings are BS lakini De Beers family lazima wanukishe kitunguu

Bullshít…here in the cradle of mankind…once I’ve given you my spare key…your I.Q should be sufficient to comprehend the meaning

get down on two knees

It’s submitting to a woman - expect as a man to be ruled by that woman

Biblically, its the Woman to submit to a man not a man to submit to a woman

Have you ever seeing a king bowing down to his servant or a president bowing down to a chief?

When a man does so, he hands over his authority as a man and allows to be ruled

:D:D utapea kunguru siku moja ukute umeoshwa


Actually these are just frills. See what the men of old used to do, and it was well:

So Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife. And he went in to her, and the LORD gave her conception, and she bore a son.
Ruth 4:13

Emphasis is on took, herein used to mean “chose and set aside for himself”.
Kneeling is not mentioned anywhere, except for slaves and idol worshipers, so to me it is Satanic in the context of courting a woman.

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