I’m sorry to tell the RWNBP team that Raila will be president. Jubilee is taking Kenya back to Moi’s era. Key reasons why Raila will be president:
[li]Uhuru has proved he is an incompetent president[/li][li]High levels of corruption and unresolved nurse strike[/li][li]Government threats and intimidation which will sway rational Jubilee supporters towards NASA[/li][li]Jubilee’s disregard for human rights and the tenets of democracy as demonstrated by killing of NASA demonstrators and ‘bribing’ the IEBC[/li][/ol]
Canaan is real


So you expect them to attack the police at their homeground then the police go hugging them??

Somebody pointed out what UOTP seems to miss in their evaluation and I will point it out again

“If a choice is to be made between Raila and a dog, the dog it is” Unknown Talker 2017

It is about Raila Never Being The President of Kenya, nothing else


Nigga health is a devolved function nurses paid by governors.

Meam while…

Jeez fun and lethal in one plate

hehehehe, its chest thumping all day long…but kura itapigwatu

Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know. In any case, self-proclaimed prophets are always cheats and more evil than the known witchdoctors. I will forever pick anyone else but Raila; hata nikaambiwa gorilla from deep in DRC forest inacompete for presidency against him, nitapatia gorilla vote. Even 2year olds throw less tantrums and aren’t that selfish.

And the ‘custodians’ of democracy dont want elections to be held or abide by the fruits of the a process that was promoted by them i.e The supreme court decision. How are we supposed to exercise democracy if one man one vote doesnt apply? Raila will never be president of this great republic.

Back to Kanu era when Kalonzo was VP, where was Mudavadi? Wait, let’s not forget the Raila/NDP merger… So you want to give power back to the actual guys who were in the Kanu era?

unlike team UOTP who might size power through the back door we the RWNBP won a fair election whose only fault was a technicality even if RAT became president we will demonstrate and hold the economy under siege, REMEMBER we are the business men, the enterprenuers, the landlords the investors the majority, the farmers, the owners of the grain basket nyinyi ni TENANTS,MECHANICS NA WELDERS.

Are these the questions we’ll find on the ballot paper?

Typical uthamaki mentality. Will you be demonstrating or doing business? And why should you demonstrate if Raila is elected through a fair election?

Hehehe…one thing that will never change is how Nasarites keep winning elections until the actual elections are held and 1.5Million gap appears.
People are angry on both sides. You are likely to see a Jubilee voter walk out of an open heart surgery operation to go and vote than Raila winning this election or any other for that matter.

Because we the common folk only care about numbers Mambo na server na transmission HATUTAMBUI we did 5 free and fair elections, who are you to say the sixth wasn’t???

hehe. wacha bangi msee. There will be no election on 26th.