Why Rotich and Thugge won't be sacked any time soon

Uhuru appointed Rotich as the deputy chair of national development implementation committee. That shows the trust Uhuru had in him. Uhuru has promoted Rotich many times and has worked with him in ministry of finance for around 13years.same case with Thugge. Dont expect any sacking of the two soon. I am waiting for my pessimism to be proved wrong

I hope you will not be disappointed when it happens hata Waiguru alistep aside (same result)

I wont be disappointed at all. There is nothing i gain from them if they are back in office. They don’t even know someone like me exist. I am just analyzing the situation

The sun will not go down today before they either resign or are asked to step aside.

Mkale I see your community is being targeted

Breaking nyews.
They are already expected to step aside.
Effectively, they are out of the job.

I am waiting…

The president should have asked them a long time ago… You guys are expecting a lot from Uhuru in this… I pity you. This case is as good as dead. Lets wait for another scandal and talk again about how no stones will be left unturned

We know the angle you are pushing but because you are a coward you don’t want to come out clearly. In those many words, all you are trying to say is that Rotich is not a Ruto man, he is Uhuru man.

That’s what is spear spent his 15 hours yesterday trying to convince us as if we were born last week. They need to accept their camp is rotten

It is you who wants to believe that Uhuru is fighting corruption and that DCI and DPP are competent. If you believe so… I pity you. You only respond like that because you saw my name Kiprotich and just reasoned that way… If my name was hiddden probably your reasoning would be different

Macrons finance minister must be very furious, I know he was promised quality Kenyan meat that hasn’t been laced with sijui sodium metabiphologlifjhfhjj… Whatever name it has na sasa pointman wake ako under surveillance

I posted here about a fallout between Rotich and his former boss Nyamunga, lakini watu hawakushikanisha dots

Nyamunga ndio nani…

Following for @spear

They have been sacked effectively. Seen the news @langatkipro ?

The PS has been sacked but not the CS. Ukur was appointed acting not a full cabinet secretart

This thread did not age well

I think @langatkipro you confuse two things: 1.) Uhuru’s incompetence 2.) His willingness to do everything to APPEAR to be fighting corruption. The guy wants to be loved.

Rotich will go. Or at least i believe so.

He is probably undecided on whom to appoint fulltime to those positions