Why Raila will not be president of Kenya

His lakeside supporters such as Thirimali have insults imprinted in their DNA and throw tons whenever their God is critiqued
Half of Western, Coast and Ukambani is gone
If you thought Uhulu wants Mandarin taught in schools, wait until you see the godfather of obsequiousness RAO himselfu

I learn a new word every day

ob·se·qui·ous | \ əb-ˈsē-kwē-əs , äb- \

What is a obsequious person?

characterized by or showing servile obedience and excessive eagerness to please; fawning; deferential: an obsequious bow;obsequious servants.

Repeating this lie a million times won’t make it true.

But insults are hard coded in all azimio supporters, even some decent mt kenyans have taken up this degeranative behavior.

It is now a mental issue if you add the MK Ultra covid programming they have recently gone through.

I used to wonder how a film like Walking Dead will come true as they say life imitate art.

We are just a switch away from psychosis.

Doesn’t have to be 50% but even 30% of this constituency shifting to Looter is a detrimental blow to mûgûrûki

If you come across a guy who is Ass-mionated, Biden supporter and pro-vaccine run very fast. That’s a total zombie

Do you guys intentionally avoid the brain before engaging your mouths?

We are happy with «the illusory truth effect» yani wataalam will tell you that when we hear the same information repeated again and again, we often come to believe it is true. The end result is that it avoids kelele mingi once the results are announced.
Hata tukiwacha kizungu mingi you know that Baba is going to Bondo mapema sana:D

Also pro killing babies, LGTVHD+, LBGTQV+, HIV+, pro noun, liberal, wasukuma mavi na katharika.

Do i need to engage my mind, i can just cite google or wikipedia, your tower of babel.

Hehehe. That’s the fully comprehensive list

Kumbe @Thirimaii ni Azimio

You can cite Google and Wikipedia to back up what you wrote?

Sijakukosea young man, lets move along.

This one yours is a practical example of doing “catwalk na kizungu mingi”

… you forgot to mention … AND ALSO A PLANTESHEN WORKER eg. @Yuletapeli

I hate you for carrying like that

Niaje kausi wa Kayole?

Huyo mujamaa ni mtu ya Prof George Wajackoya…

He has admitted several times vile yeye alikuwa akivuta bangi akiwa campo.

Cc @Yuletapeli @uwesmake

Mimi si mwana siasa kabsaa bado haiko kwa system yangu. ilikataa