Why Raila and Wanjigi are importing firearms

The problem with being linked with certain people is it sometimes does your reputation a disservice. Take for example Raila Odinga and Jimmy Wanjigi. For eons Raila has told Kenyans he is the most incorruptible politician in Kenya, that he is a whistle blower naming names and pointing fingers. He is the defender of the poor person and the establishment is afraid of him. Then suddenly Kenyans find out he is a close buddy of Jimmy Wanjigi.
Who is Jimmy Wanjigi?
Unless you have been hiding in a hole for the last 6 months, you know that Jimmy R. Wanjigi has been exposed as one of the most corrupt influencers of post-independence Kenya. Anything from Anglo-leasing to Goldernberg could not be possible without his behind the scenes brokering and dealing. He is…Olivia Pope in a scandal riddled democracy but more male, more ruthless and more shadowy than shadows themselves.
But the broker wanted to become a king maker and to do that you have to move serious mountains of money towards the right people. The enigma that is Raila Odinga took little convincing. He is essentially playing long odds in the last chance he will have to get out onto the field before the age limit locks him out of the race completely and he finally takes his place in a paragraph in a history book that will be barely read and cursorily taught.
Therein lies the problem, who do you couple with Raila without hurting his chances and how do you essentially wipe the battle field of any competition? Simple, broker a deal between his main rivals. In this deal broker many mini-deals that will be fulfilled in the future with you remaining the beneficiary in the long run. 2017- Raila, 2022- Kalonzo, 2027- Mudavadi, 2032- Wetangula or even Orengo.
Wanjigi initially promised to bankroll the campaign but things got to a head when he realized five politicians going different directions every weekend cost too much and promised little results. They ignored his advice and the money stopped coming through. However, he expected them to honor whatever deals they had signed before the campaign period had kicked off.
Come Election Day and NASA fumbled, becoming more chaotic by the day. Big claims proved to be nothing but propaganda and outright lies. The weeks that followed including the Supreme Court ruling to overturn the results was dramatic for all Kenyans including Wanjigi.
But the worst was to come.
With barely two weeks to the repeat presidential elections, Raila listened to some advisors and declared he would withdraw from the race. Wanjigi is not a fool, he knew Raila only intended to prolong the crisis which would force the country over the brink into a constitutional crisis which essentially ends with a caretaker government in place and another election conducted 12 months after the aborted repeat exercise.
But these 12 months mean poor returns to Wanjigi all while he services the huge bill Raila is kicking up in travel costs and never ending campaign activities and personnel.
But was the plan ever to pitch tent with a caretaker government? 12 months of uncertainty even for Raila seems too much of a gamble. He won’t be at the head of this government and even if he could manipulate those in it he can’t manipulate the outcome of the election that the caretaker government will have to organize. That gives his opponents more time to tarnish his reputation and make voter raids in his political backyard. The defeat margin could grow beyond the initial figure.
I propose that the plan was to force anarchy. The sort of anarchy that gets dialogue talks started. Only, we don’t have that anarchy yet and despite ramblings on social media and demos in town, majority of Kenyans are at home waiting for the politics to blow over so they can get to work.
The first route is always economic sabotage. How much do you think is lost every Monday when the Nairobi and Kisumu CBDs is on lock down for demonstratio

NASA demonstrators wamewekewa hizi chupa just in case walete ujinga Moi Avenue…


They are trying to pull a Ukraine on Kenya, George Soros style. However they did not fully account for some local dynamics and so the plan seems to be going off the rails.

Only, we don’t have that anarchy yet and despite ramblings on social media and demos in town, majority of Kenyans are at home waiting for the politics to blow over so they can get to work.
Well said

We will not have anarchy either. Just luos running around causing inconvenience, hardly enough to achieve the kind of results he wants. Whoever said this is a re-birth, got it right.

Just a convenient time to be looking at all these? I smell politics but to the untrained eye, this is a golden egg.

Somedays I feel like embracing HIV and CHOLEREA VIBRIOSIS for saving Kenya

Surely can you overthrow the mighty kenyan state with a few rusty guns. Police and millitary are over 170K in number. Add to it NIS and other paramillitary formations we are at over 210,000.

These are stage managed operations to drive a certain narrative and agenda.

What golden egg?

You didnt understand the article, it is not a coup plot.

It’s to cause chaos.

Co wonders tu…

My sentiments exactly…


The guy was prepared for a mini war.

Seriously, which war with 600 bullets?

They were for his protection.

Anyway, billionaires have some interesting tastes. Maybe he likes to collect guns even if illegal. Some collect Art.

Won’t be long now until they match the ballistics of those guns to the ones that took down Jacob Juma and Msando…

A lot of the wealthy in Kenya own guns because in Kenya you are permitted or allowed to own a gun if you can prove your life is in danger and since most of the wealthy assume someone is always after their wealth their lives are always in danger lol… So i guess the wealthy have been planning mini wars

I highly doubt it. He would mostly like use hired assassins even from out of the country. These guns were most likely for security purposes just like many Americans do.