Why pursuing a legacy is futile(Bob Collymore example)

Look how we were all tweeting and sharing Bob Collymore stories in the morning. By night time trending topics zote za Bob zimeisha, we have all moved on to AFCON wanyonge stories. Despite all the fame and fortune Kenya has to offer, Bob will be a footnote in Kenyan history books within 10 years of his passing.

Outside of the absolute greatest people in their respective fields, nobody is remembered for more than two years after death, so all this legacy stuff is nonsense. Jibambe while you are alive

Wewe endelea na legacy ya kukamua maraya, watakukumbuka sana…


Thats human nature for you. Live your life and take care of your family and friends because they are all that matters in this cold world.

:D:D:D:D … you is fucking ridiculous.

My opinion is that live to make someone’s day. Find someone in need and help him. He will never forget. I remember the people who have helped me in desperate moments. Some of them, I went back to thank. The great Argentinian soccer player Diego Maradona said that one reason he quit following a disciplined life which rose him to the top, was that with all the greatness he brought his country, nobody”s life was uplifted. Their lives remained the same.

News for you…other than kumtajirisha by the bandos u bought u don’t matter.

On the other hand kuna kunguru zilimpiga bj and will always remember how they sucked off a billionaire.

Not that I care about legacies, but you got it all wrong… I don’t think legacy means trending on twitter. The man will be remembered for long by many

Hata Mandela tulimsahau bana

Genuine people do it, not to be recognized or praised, but to make someone else’s life better. You do it for the future generations. Think about the freedom fighters- if they didn’t fight for us, where would you be? You do the right thing for the right reasons even if no one mentions you on Twitter. My opinion.

Why was the Nigga worth remembering?

Ochieng utakumbukwa sana juu ya kukatia 8.768/10 ukiwa ndani ya kenya mpya

#peasant thinking

Apart from him spending 27 years in jail trying to liberate his people in my eyes he was too linient on the afrikaans just like kenyatta.

Na wewe utakumbukwa ju ya story za giants kwa briefcase ukienda grandprix

Ata hio ni poa pia

He had equally heavyweight friends[ATTACH=full]245813[/ATTACH], a club of high achievers who used to meet regularly and called themselves ‘The Boys Club’.


Jeff pia ni achiever?

Off course, what are your achievements compared to his?

if you look at that age group it says allot about correlation between age and wealth

PK ni overachiever?