Why overload like this?


This is madness.

This isn’t Overloading but using the Wrong Truck for the wrong job.

The load is out of balance. They should have used a flatbed trailer mated to a Semi. Hapa hakuna mzigo.


My company Scania G410 Truck easily hauls 2 such Mild Steel Rolls from MSA to Nairobi. Each of these weighs 14,300KG. If not properly secured they easily overturn the truck.

Hii kitu niliona ishaangukia 14 seater flani pale Taj Mall (before it was demolished) ilikaa kama chapati banae. Hopefully ilikuww ni dere pekee alikuwa kwa hio mat. He got out in the nick of time

These fucking drivers huwa na akili ndogo sana, they show no mercy to their employers. Sasa this fool puts that lorry through this kind of wear, na at the end of the day he’ll take peanuts to the owner and spend the rest on lanyes. Alafu mwenyewe awachiwe bill ya kurepair hiyo kitu after a few months.

but the employer could also be paying peanuts to the guys.
so it’s a lose-lose situation.

This kind of argument was used by the mpigs to increase their salaries ati so that they won’t be bribed. Right now those arseholes line up in the toilets for 10k bribes. If your employer doesn’t pay you what you think you deserve get the fucker out of there and don’t mess with his investment, ghaseer.

Hiyo sio overloading. It’s an unbalanced load. Sorry to the owner juu hizo shocks zimeisha