Why our ladies love Congolese men

So I bumped on this video and thought we should understand our Congolese brothers. It’s funny, though at the same time it’s sympathetic . Be your own judge.[SIZE=1]NB- watu wa kununua bandos this can be a challenge but worth it

Our ladies love congolese because they dress like pimps?

Sigwes. I love my Kenyan Men.:oops:

@Joel kuja kidogo you narrate the brief dickmatization period by our congolese brodas


The clip talks about how they spend fortune buying clothes yet they live in slums. Funny like hell. You can see mama’s kwa soko watching a dandy with admiration . Hats off to these Congolese men honestly

High waist trousers, gold chains, purple or yellow suits,fake Rolex and Oga pastor shoes.:D:D:D

Really , are you sure :)???

Enjoy . One walking with an umbrella is a comedian honestly. He has cracked me up

Triple sure…I have had a run in with a Congolese man, he wasn’t a musician but a conman. :D:D:D:D:D


CONGO men are at another level for real,

Really? but then haven’t we heard of some of our eminent kenyan lawyers buying $4000 shirts and merry go rounds formed purposely to help brothers buy siuts?


This is new to me brother . $4000 shirts !!!..then when they die we foot the hospital bills ?

then they wear very weird clours like purple, yellow, pink and their trousers cjui nikama wanapelekeanga fundi the same, suspender acha tu nisiongee sana

“Why MY ladies love Congolese men”

hapa mko tu na Weta pekee

Cheka tu…wacha nikitoka church nitaleta hekaya.
(The mass is about to start , @Liberty you are softening my heart, darn you!)


right there- pimps, fake gold peddlers, snakeoil merchandisers, prosperity gospellians and miracle salesmen, you have them…

you have forgotten suit hiring services when people go to visit inlaws