Why OLED is dead, Micro LED is the future

LG electronics has pretty much admitted that OLED is a dead end after they filed patents for Micro LED tech. LG Display is the sole company that supplies OLED panels to all other TV manufacturers but lately, things are going sideways. The usual suspects to blame are burn-in issues, low yields hence insanely high prices due to limited stock vs high demand. But more importantly, the advancements being made in Micro LED tech by rival companies such as Samsung, TCL, and Hisense. By the time LG gets its shit together with OLEDs, Micro LED tech will have matured and already available in TVs at an affordable price.



The takeaway from all this is that OLED still has the better picture quality vs current LCD LED tech. But make no mistake, there is a serious issue of burn-in and color degradation even with normal everyday usage. If you want to get a TV that will serve you for two years tops, then go for the OLED. However, if you want a reliable TV that will easily last you 5 plus years with no issues then it’s wise to consider the myriad of LCD LED TVs from other brands. For the enthusiasts who know what they want from their TVs, Samsung QLEDs starting with their Q70 Series going up, Sony with their 9 series or the TCL 6 series upwards (All with full-array local dimming and Quantum dots implementation and sony with their Triluminos displays)

8K is at least 3 -4 years away before it becomes affordable enough for the masses.


8k umuhinu wake ni nini exactly? 1080p is already enough, but 4k is just mind blowing, sasa 8k je? All write a review soon enough for the TCL 43P8M

Also have the p8m, only thing lacking is the dolby vision and the micro dimming isn’t sensitive enough

8k is really only useful if you are talking about very large TVs, ie 75" panels at the very least. with such large TVs, even 4k pixels will be spread a bit thin, thus degrading the picture quality. so the solution is to cram as many pixels as possible to avert this issue hence 8k. Putting 8k in anything smaller than 75" will be a bit of an overkill as 4k will be sufficient.

Not to mention 8k content is pretty much non-existent outside of a few demos here and there. Streaming 8k content over the internet is a luxury that probably only 1% of the world population can afford.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for 8k as the crafty Japanese will be broadcasting the upcoming 2020 Olympics in glorious 8k. 8k TVs also are able to upscale regular HD and 4k Content to look sharp even on the 8k panels.

I dont like the micro dimming feature, I love my pictures bright enough

Makes me wonder what people with such large screens have been watching all this time. Upscaling is also just a fancy word, you wont be able to enjoy the experience if you watched the content on a smaller TV.

720 p iko tu Sawa

haina maana juu most camera used to shoot movies are in 1080 most satellite dishes in Kenya have na uppoer limit of 1080 too. Kwa hivyo unless unadownload movies that 30 GG za 8K haitakusaidia. In Kenya huwezi stream 8K juu net iko down its just a waste of money

They’ve had to make do with what was available. But in all fairness, even 4k on a 100" screen or projection isn’t that bad. it’s just that some enthusiasts are picture purists and manufacturers are pushing the limits to have a competitive edge. But you can’t deny the level of immersion that comes with a larger screen, even with a slightly less sharp image, notwithstanding.

No its not

Hii nikama ile upuzi ya phone camera mega pixels competition after a certain number the human eye can’t tell the difference unless you are going to print a billboard, just marketing gimmicks ! remember the fools who bought the 3d tvs even when their was barely any content ?

Nilifungia kazi kwa 4k

For 15" screen and below

Just boils down to the viewer’s preference. I prefer a 4k on a 55" than in a cinema.

Kuna movies za 8k ata?

Unadownload wapi? Nataftanga sana

Index ama parent directory but been away for sometime from my setup

But I must admit I have not yet finished all the 3D content out there

1080 on 32" is bogus. I had a Sony 32" and used to download 720. 1080 on 40" and above is crisp.

but you have to know what you’re looking for to get the best results. The easiest way is to search for the movie you want then sort the results based on size from the largest. Then strike a balance between size and compression level.

40" and above? Like up to 90" or something like that? 1080 on 32" is “slightly better” than 1080 on 40" and above. For a given resolution, the bigger the screen, the bigger the viewing distance (i.e. the further you need to sit away from the screen not to notice the pixels). If you try 1080p on a 90 inch it will show pixels from as far as 12ft.