Why Nairobi Women DON'T shower

Four years ago, senior male journalists stormed into their female editor’s office to complain about a female colleague whose body odour was too much to handle. A tomboy by nature, the woman rarely changed clothes. Her body odour was a cross between damp clothes and the stench of a livestock farmer in hot January.

“This lady was related to someone in senior management, so we took time before forwarding our complaints. Luckily, she was sent away from the newsroom by her embarrassed relative. She could as well work from home,” one of the journalists told us.

So why don’t some women take a shower?

Loise Wangare, a trader at Ngong’ market, recalls an incident where she and her colleagues forced one woman to shower. “We kept asking her why she was stinking, yet she had constant water supply in her house. She would arrogantly tell us that there was no man in her life and if she got one, she would have a reason to shower and even invest in perfumes,” Loise said.

They organised an intervention and marched the culprit into one of the public toilets where they forced her to shower in private. In other cases, some women will only take a shower when leaving the house. Who stinks in Kinangop?

Some have to boil it out of a sufuria and if they are running late, they opt to skip a shower.
“When I lived in Kinangop, I showered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. It was too cold and dry firewood was not easily available,” Gladys Nkirote, a bus conductor in Nairobi said.

Nkirote, who says that she now showers daily, defends her previous habit, claiming that she never emitted any offensive odour.
A woman is supposed to at least shower twice a day, but most career women hardly manage this. Triza Chitalwa, an NGO worker, reveals that she is guilty as charged. “I would love to shower up to six times a day, but my job is too demanding to allow for that. I leave the house at 6am and sometimes get back home at midnight. I can only afford that morning shower, which at times I skip, unless of course I’m on my periods and I have to shower,” she says. In her defence, Triza, claims that she always takes quick French baths with wet wipes. She has also invested in a very strong perfume.

While other women don’t have time, some will simply skip a shower because ‘it’s too much work.’“The fact that I have to bend over and scoop water from a basin is just tiring. I do not entirely skip showers, but over the weekends, I rarely take a bath, unless I have to leave the house,” Joy Ngila, a clothes vendor at Dagoretti Corner, revealed. She said that if she could afford a house with a shower or bathtub, she would shower daily.




A friend of mine once had a girl who would literally refuse to shower, ati alikuwa anaingia kwa nyumba anakuta dame ananuka shonde bana. then he proceeds and shows you a picture of her na maringo yake anakumbuka vile alikuwa ananuka anacheka tu sana!

Explains your fascination with shit. Shitty friends with shitty GFs, no wonder u seek refuge in IG to drown your sorrows. :D:D



Hii tuliona


A woman hata kama haogi, ni muhimu aoshe sehemu nyeti na makwapa with at least two litres of water before going to bed.


Saa zingine sio kutooga. Watu wengine damu yao hunuka… layman’s language for toxins in the blood plasma and other body fluids. Mtu kama huyo ata akioga haachi kunuka. I had a lady friend whose puss.y could stink through her jeans but I found a way to talk her to it and even recommended a good physician…and wow! I must say we were both happy of the of the outcome.


There’s a deficiency of s mineral (I think Zinc) which diminishes one’s sense of taste and smell…

This could be an instance of body odor. Ndo nyaputhes inuke hadi nje ya jeans must be damn serious.

So they become habituated to their BO?

Personally have experience 3 pretty smelly chics …na hawakuwa wanataka kuoga before or even after the match. Used to wonder why they smelly like described…now i know

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KUMA lazima ioshwe

Back then when i was growing up in the village kuna this woman married to one of my uncles hakuwa anaoga. Anaenda kibarua kupalilia mahindi anacome analala hivyo hivyo.

Its called Passport showering.U put warm water in a basin & uses un-medicated soap halafu dips a dry small towel kwa maji ten anapaguza armpits,backside na sehemu nyeti na hiyo soap na towel.Ten rinses & shes set.