Why Msando Had To Go?

(A theory doing the rounds)

You have heard server, server, server for weeks now.

Msando was entrusted with some heavy-duty ICT duties at the IEBC, and JaKuon’s plan was to get access and fiddle with the numbers during transmission in exactly the manner he now accuses Jubilee, Safron Morpho, Safaricom and others of doing.

Msando was a regular drunk and philanderer, given to fits of flossing when the spirit moved him. He began to boast about the power in his hand and how he held the keys to Kenya’s fate. The plan was to inflate for JaKuon using an ‘alogrithm’, have the shiny goD declared, and then ask Jubilee to go to the Supreme Court, where Maraga and the 3 stooges would do 2013 in reverse. Msando’s tendency to be loose-lipped was threatening to blow up the scheme.

He had to be silenced, but not before a failed attempt to get the access codes from him through torture.

On 8/8’ when results began to be projected, they reflected exactly what the forms and ROs had recorded, but there was nobody in the servers to distort the numbers. Transmission had to be stopped, and the allegations about ‘alogrithms’ started.

The rest is sour, costly history for Kenya.

The theory partly explains why Lupita’s old man had dinner in some unclassified hotel, an incident that the breakfast beggar, Miguna Miguna, termed ‘reckless’. It partly explains why the late Msando appears in the footage to be negotiating on phone for life or more time with a ‘higher’ authority. If the real killers were in his car, he’d have simply ran for his life and take a bullet on his back like a man he was bragging to be. I take exception with two facts: that some relative(s) knew of the late’s other woman and that the late had received death threats whose details he refused to share even upon follow up by the DCI.

No facts or proof. More like Gossip To Go.

Hiki kinatokeaga usiku wa manane na half baked trash

Wanaume siku izi wamegeuka kuwa rumour mongerers na vitina mingi na venye walikua wajidaisha hao wanasiasa kamili

Vitina ni matina makubwa ama ni nini?

We are trying to keep up with the tin-goD whose gift of wild gossip has us captivated with daily legends that involve armies, greenhouses, France, Spain, Safaricom and shifting servers all working together to deny him for a record 5th time. ;):cool:

Kama ile yako ya Jana ya msomali/Ethiopia kufufuka?

I am convinced there was a very big plot to take the govt through the back door. But what has happened also gives Jubilee an opportunity to make major and positive changes regarding the way the country is governed. The proposed electoral law changes by parliament is a good first step. Looking ahead, the first thing is to elect Uhuruto on 26th.

After that, we expect they will do what needs to be done so that no busybodies will ever have an opportunity to overthrow a legitimately elected president using underhand tactics.

The near disaster we have experienced as a country is because shadowy characters were allowed to participate in making major decisions and appointments. All one needed was to claim to represent some phantom interested party and voila, they became decision-makers. They forced good patriotic people out of jobs, and had their stooges appointed to crucial positions… Going forward, I hope this loophole will be sealed completely.

getting into the mud and gutters with him is the way he knows best, akirusha tunarusha.

Kujifanya nyakiega didn’t work.

Guess who immediately started pointibg fingers, hugging widows, shedding acidic teats and spinning theories, effectively diverting attentiin from himself…

[SIZE=6]Msando login used to hack IEBC server, Uhuru must go - Raila[/SIZE]

Unaita @Nattydread mwanaume? Acha kutuangusha boss. The idiot has an IQ of a sack of charcoal, together with his other handle @INSERTER all he posts is crap. This is the 15th theory he is posting about Musando’s death, all copied from some stupid face book page.


Hii asuubuhi yote, ebu watu wahave morning glory waache siasa Leo ni sato break from politics

Sasa mrembo, I don’t know why but whenever I see your handle in the morning my mind wanders a lot.


Rumour mongers waende kwa salon.

With a name like that you lack an IQ to speak of

Wa Dumeniko na kubaliana na wewe kabsaaa.

Hii handle yako inanuka mavi ya juzi.

I thought he claimed yesterday that the results were coming from a military installation in Karen. Why then would they need Msando’s login?