Why Messi Deserves To Win Balon D'or 2017

2016/17 calender year.



I’m not a big fan of football but Ronaldo outshines Messi with his showmanship both on the pitch and off which he started from the beginning. Messi lacks some sort of panache somehow and maybe that’s what the award is all about. the stats have spoken.


[SIZE=6]Balon D’or bila okombe ni upuss[/SIZE]

Yeah the awards have become more of marketability of players not skills.

Balon D or is an individual award not a team, if it was about a team then Real madrid inafaa kuishinda.

Messi deserves. He is a naturally gifted skillful football god. Especially his dribbles! Jamaa anaweza aibisha defenders.

even Martial is a gifted dribler, past few weeks amekalisha na kuaibisha players kadhaa, does he deserve it?

Ronaldo won Euros, La liga and Champion’s League…I rest my case

Its like comparing VS na Villager kama @Mosa juu ya kelele mingi

Martial amechangamka tu juzi, dont compare yeye na legends. When comparing Messi, talk of kina Ronaldinho and the likes.

Zinedine zidane won it I think he had very few goals. It was about play making capabilities. CR7,wow…mad respect. Just can’t rate Messi .The guy is above an rating scale. He can play different positions, doesn’t dive, and he is a true sportsman. I’d vote for messi anyday.

let’s give it to Ronaldinho, he is a legend


But does Messi outshine Ronaldo in pure talent + practiced skill?

Yes, he’s very gifted! (though not a god because there’s the one true God).

For messi, it’s not just dribbling, and he has quite a record!

His teams won…

ballon d or is an individual award and since football is a team sport winning titles shouldn’t count unless you start talking about the golden boot.

What was his impact…Champions league he scored two goals in the final.