Why MCAs might begin and continue "dropping".

We all know what happened to Waititu. MCA impeached him. I believe whoever was involved in the nonsense should be careful considering what happened to the Wendani MCA. Now another MCA from Meru has passed away. Governors might start looking for those they feel can be a threat and start doing away with them by any means necessary.

This is called spreading false and alarming rumours which is an offence contrary to the penal code and it can get you arrested and charged in a court of law.

Jeso…why are some of these threads allowed thru? dude you better have your facts.

You are reasoning like a clerk.

This Governor seat is no joke, you get in the way of people eating you go…

a rock IQ

i think the problem with such rumour mongers is that they are so stupid they have no idea of how stupid they are,theyd have to be relatively inteligent to realise that.
you sir @Session Clerk are a shinny beacon lighthouse in the bay of stupidity

:D:D:D:D…tuseme kusamehea iliisha fashow ama?

What happened to Wendani MCA?

hii nikuvukua mipaka,utaskia hadi moi alikufa right after Yt2 akue impeached na afutwe kazi:D:D