Why leave your home to go and live like this?

This is Calais France. Africans, having left their countries hoping to find rivers flowing with money in europe, end up living like this. I have never understood why it is so difficult for people to realise that life in a foreign counrty is hard. It is even harder when you dont speak the language, have no job and no money to come back home. Even if you have no job in your country, you still have friends, family and you can find something to do because the economy is still informal. There you start from below zero if you start at all, and if things dont go as expected, you cant fly home because basically you have nothing.

Even professionals from Africa find life in europe very lonely and unhappy, that is why they can give up good jobs with good salaries there for a fraction of their earning back home.

Somebody should tell this to ethiopians, eritreans and west africans.


Naona @The.Black.Templar alienda france over the weekend hapo 2nd pic

Hata kama ni shida bana, do they have to be so disorganised?

the last group must be reciting the american tweng’

bunch of lazies looking for freebies. if you can’t make it here you sure can’t make it anywhere

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drugs do this to even the organized

True, nothing comes easy, even the residents in foreign lands have to work hard to get food.

I thnk there ia an extensive ring of human traffickers that is actively and continously seeking customers at great profit for so many people to keep crossing

Lack of exposure…just because most commodities are manufactured in a foreign country, it does not mean there are job openings there!

Hehe, cheki maneno France edition. Btw ni 3rd mbica

Hawa ndio wanafanya wazungu wanatudharau.


When did you start typing in lower case?

Coz someone supposedly told them that the grass is green on the other side and hence better try the luck.

As a Kenyan, you really shouldn’t bother immigrating to the West if:

  1. You have been blessed to get a good education here;
  2. You have started a family;
  3. You have made it here or are firmly on the way of making it if you maintain some focus, patience and discipline;
  4. It is not an offer from your multinational employer.

We have all heard those horror stories of medical doctors becoming janitors, nurses becoming babysitters or business grads becoming taxi drivers. They won’t recognize your UoN degree, they will always give 1st preference to their natives and well, let’s address the big elephant in the room… RACISM.
Hata when you try biashara, you’ll be constantly reminded how you don’t have the right skin colour and you have a weird last name and these will be huge challenges you will have to overcome, challenges you didn’t leave back home.

I think immigration is best suited for those guys who were not fortunate enough to continue with their education after KCSE, they have no dependants, they have tried juu chini to succeed here for many years but haven’t, can tolerate harsh weather, loneliness, xenophobia, racism and most importantly, they feel that they have nothing to lose i.e. they are willing to take huuge risks and be patient enough to see their dreams come true in a foreign land.


if you cant make it here you cant make it there,

if you cant make it here you cant make it there,

Eritrea is a bad country to live in, belie dat. That motherfucker, Afeworki does not play, it is the North Korea of Africa. Ethiopia has a lot of poverty, don’t let those stories of high economic growth deceive you, everything is controlled by the state. As for west Africans (especially Nigerians) greed and ignorance encourages them to go to Europe. Since countries like France hosts a large number of west Africans, they are not willing to take any more immigrants. Watu wakae kwao or if you have to go, don’t go and become a chokora

Hope makes for a very good breakfast.

Huu ni upuzi. Europe created more problems for themselves when they ejected Gadaffi. Now, Libya has become a human traffickers’ paradise.