Why Kinoti and Haji are loosing this war..

I may not be an investigator but from some slight personal and social investigations i have done I know that you do not go announcing here and there the contents, the nature and even in fact that you are doing an investigation. You do not shout from the mountain tops and at the top of the tree that you are doing an investigation and this is what you have found so far. investigation done in a public gallery will just result to self defeat. The way these guys have been doing their investigation is wanting and worrying. Everything is done and prosecuted on public gallery via media from the NYS, Kimwarer Arror, Ruto Assassination, NHIF, KPLC, Health Ministry. My only conclusion is that they will loose big time unless they change their course on how they conduct investigation

Am sure that those guys have have goodwill but they lack political support, uhuru might be telling them to do their job in public but behind the scenes its a different story.

that has never been their goal. their role is to hoodwink kenyans that something is cooking, smoke, noise, lakini usiku mnalala njaa. give the people hope, waache kusumbua mdosi akikula.
the same way harun mwau threw bank notes in the air to avoid being lynched by some young men in ukambani.
Haji and Kinoti are here to distract you

In the process they will create cases that will excite the public only to fail. This results in double jeopardy allowing the culprits to gain immunity from future prosecution and non-recovery of the stolen loot. Cases are being started without investigations having been completed, suspects are successfully arguing that no case exists and the courts will eventually have no choice but to agree.

You may not be an investigator. Losing is spelt with a single “O”.

These are typing errors. You don’t need to take them seriously… My main aim is to pass the message and it is good you got it