Why Kikuyus should support BBI

With BBI they are assured of one of the top 5 seats and always being in govt and sitting at the high table as the national cake is being shared. Without BBI they are doomed coz whoever wins - either Raila or Ruto or kibwana etc - can decide to ignore them like Moi did for 24yrs.

If they reject BBI the only other alternative is to form a 50/50 coalition with either Raila or Ruto like they did with TNA/URP in 2013, but this time take the running mate/DP position.


We are not boarding. Liwe liwalo

How are Kikuyus benefiting more than the rest with the theft of Kamwana govt and his family? And how will they benefit when a different thief is among top 5? Ujinga mtupu.

With BBI they are assured of one of the top 5 seats and always being in govt and sitting at the high table as the national cake is being shared.

Upuuuuusi. Who are the patrons of these 5 seats.

So you are insinuating that Arap Kimwarer is a passing cloud?
If I’m not wrong, the last “passing cloud” took 24yrs to “pass” and left untold damage in Mt. Kenya and their diaspora kin…
Lakini mtoto akililia wembe, mpe.

Kikuyu this time we will not be used as bargaining chip for the elite when they’re are in a round table meeting discussing how will steal from public coffers.

Maghaseer mingi ni kama mmelipwa na huyo Mutahi ngunyi to spread his analysis or whatever. To be clear, it’s RUTO hata mkinunua hii site.

If you are a major shareholder in a company (in this case Kenya Inc) and you become tired or disinterested in seating on the board of management, ni sawa tu, you can give up your seat and watch as others run the company as you go farm arrowroots in the village.

Dennis Waweru we know your handwriting. Hapa nairobi hio kiti ya governor uta ona Moshi

Individuals not Kikuyus have been in power to the benefit of themselves and their cronies . That is the realization that kyuks have come to to the detriment of their ethnocabal. We ain’t boarding

One or two Kikuyus in the government does not mean that the whole tribe will benefit

Mwambie hatukuji. Tell him or I amplify it some more. I know the fam v well and I better be careful here since some of them are on these interwebs.

The people who hope to benefit from politics but usually get nothing are the poor and they are majority in this country.Those who really benefit are the politicians their business associates , family,lovers.

Mutahi Kunyi awache kusumbua

They also forget that the seat will always be reserved for a dynasterian.

Political s

Political sits belong to individuals n not tribes

And why do tribes complain about being marginalized?

Tribal masses have been brain washed tangu independence.
We shud all stop thinking tribal and that is what nyerere taught tz, they have more tribes than Kenya.
But Konyagi dad laid a very toxic foundation to benefit them n other home guards.
Our full liberation will be realized once we get rid of tribal thinking.
Only konyagi n moi families have benefited from their presidency, not the common ppl.
All common ppl in Kenya belong to the same category