Why Kibaki was a nationalist we never had

To be honest I never heard Kibaki speaking in Kikuyu either in public function radio stations or even when campaigning. He tried to project himself as a Kenyan in all fronts. On the other hand Uhuru has sold a public image that he is a Kikuyu president and he is fighting for kingship of his region when he should be retiring. One wonders why

speaking in kikuyu is not wrong. he is speaking a native language. Speaking in English is worse. How many people do you know that genuinely understand english huko mashinani


official languages ni Swa n English so…


The president is a symbol of national unity so he should try his level best not to appear tribal in any way. Everyone knows he is a gikuyu and can speak the language. What is he trying to prove or achieve? It makes it seem like there is special message he wants to communicate to his fellow tribesmen and not the nation as a whole. Other tribes take it as a special treatment of the kikuyus leading to burning of more bridges rather than building.
He is the president and everyone wants to know what he is up to. His addressing of only the kikuyus makes others feel alienated.

Kenyans have too much time on their hands instead of working hard to build the nation. Unless he came to spew tribal hatred or any other evil thing, he hurt no one addressing anyone they way he deemed fit.

That is the language that gets you votes when you have nothing to offer

Wacha jama aongee lugha yake

The Kikuyu elites created 41 vs 1 in 2007 and they want to do it again

Politics is about perception not truth/logic. It’s what makes a chokora think ruto is his equal/fellow hustler. Other tribes feel that kikuyus have always been favored by kikuyu presidents. Uhuru addressing kikuyu only instead of the whole nation entrenches the perception. This foments tribal hatred, the repercussions of which come to fore during elections.

They want it because it works for them.

We need KENYANISM something that will borrow principles from fascism, communism and demagoguery.

:D:D:D true

Kibaki will forever have the 2007/2008 PEV blood in his hands.

So why dont you complain when other national leaders eg hustler, baba, kalonzo speak to their people in the vernacular?


So hatutakuwa tukiongea kikuyu,?as mt Kenya ruto pointman ndirenda kwira andu aitu twambe turihe thiire

Thiire wanyukwa kana uuu,thoguo darikitie kumuraciria…kiiba gikii…muthigani uyu

Ngui ino thiie ugathicwo itina na @poyoloko uria mumenyerete

Ngukuhangira ngerecu kwa nyeni niii,dihakagwo macuruu nii iruii

Note to self: Don’t speak in your mother tongue in public through your vernacular radio station, its tribal and jeopardises national unity.