Why Kenya's Haiti Mission Will Fail

Former US Special Envoy for Haiti Convinced Kenya’s Mission Will Fail

The Former US special envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote has cautioned against the deployment of Kenyan troops to fight gangs in Haiti, convinced that the mission will fail.

Speaking to Aljazeera, the diplomat noted that the current situation in Haiti needs better intervention, terming Kenya as a third-world country with no capacity to deliver on the mission.

“You can’t ask Kenya to lead the operation, they can’t keep Nairobi safe,” Foote stated. :grinning: :grinning:

Citing Bangladesh, Barbados and Chad, Foote further stated that it was a great money-making strategy for countries, urging that the mission be led by more powerful nations.

A photo collage of Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry exiting a plane (left) and Haitians running in the streets of Port-au-Prince as chaos escalates (right).

“Any intervention needs to be led by a country that can lead police and security capacity, not an unproven third-world country,” he stated.

Foote, who was appointed as the special envoy to Haiti after the president was assassinated, explaining the insecurity level in the Caribbean country, noted that the now resigned Prime Minister was in danger in his own country.

“At this point, the United States international community has rushed to Haiti several times, and each time they have failed to stabilise the country,” he stated.

On March 11, Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned following a crisis meeting between the 15-member Caribbean Community regional bloc.

“We acknowledge his resignation upon the establishment of a transitional Presidential Council and naming of an interim prime minister,” the president of Guyana and chairman of CARICOM Mohammed Irfaan Ali stated.

“I think we can all agree that Haiti is on the brink of disaster. We must take quick and decisive action here in this room to bring the situation under control and to return the country to the Haitian people," Irfaan added.

Following Henry’s resignation, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced an extra Ksh14 billion contribution towards the cause, further noting that a presidential college would be formed to ensure there was no political vacuum.

“The college will take concrete steps to meet the needs of Haitian people and enable the pending deployment of the multinational force to be led by Kenya,” Blinken stated.


We can’t even fight cattle rustlers


American cities are way more insecure than Nairobi if you look at the number of homicides and gun crime.

We’re not perfect of course but it’s a matter stove calling the kettle black.


I believe Ruto and his sidekicks will quickly get out of lalaland and stop our mboys from getting into this mess.

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As a village statistician, what is stupid about your comment?

if you look at the number of homicides and gun crime. ??? :grinning:

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I want to laugh when I read this, only that it’s no laughing matter. No one is stopping anything, you’ll see. Sikio la kufa halina dawa.

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Hahaha. Enyewe hapa hakuna comeback. Everything he said is true.

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Bro, they have stopped it. Haiti is in chaos. They had no choice.


There are more homicides in americunt than east Africa excluding Rwanda. Hio foote anyamazishe mdomo. Our D materials will prevail


Loyd Austin akulishwa pamba pale Ukraine

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One way kenyans can stop our cops from being sent to Haiti is by appealing directly to US deciding authorities (blinken,Austin etc)

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Our D- ni Kenyan delicacy for the Haiti, they will be slow roasted na BBQ and put on Twitter for all to see. Can’t wait for the videos to celebrate

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Those guys are desperate for manpower and will not help.
The political blowback during this election campaign period will sink Biden.

The United States has said it will not send troops to Haiti after a stunning eruption of gang violence seemingly designed to bring down the Caribbean nation’s enfeebled government and its unpopular prime minister, Ariel Henry.

On Monday night, nearly five days after powerful organized crime bosses launched a wave of deadly and apparently coordinated attacks, the US news group McClatchy reported there had been “frantic” exchanges between US and Haitian diplomats that had raised the prospect of an emergency deployment of US special forces to help restore order.

However, a National Security Council official poured cold water on the suggestion there would be US “boots on the ground” in Haiti, telling the Washington-based agency: “The United States is not sending US troops to Haiti to support the Haitian national police’s security operations.”

It is Official …
The Haiti Mission is on hold until further notice

Meanwhile ,
The USA has increased the funding by another USD 100 Million …
Nabii Zakayo Vasco Danganya will find a way to send his Cops … :joy: :rofl:


Its a good thing to eagerly await the death of our brothers in the police.

There is something very wrong with you, worse then what is wrong with our D- cops

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So I was telling @Machoman. I believe they’ll still do so at some later point, just waiting for the opportune moment to prove that we are unstoppable.

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Kenya watafaulu. After the success the Kenyans must be tasked with dealing with noeth korea and other kosokoso

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Kenya Halts Police Deployment to Haiti Following PM Henry’s Resignation

Kenya has put on hold the deployment of 1,000 police officers to tame gang crimes in Haiti.

According to Principle Secretary for Foreign Affairs Korir Sing’oei, the decision comes about following the resignation of Haiti’s Prime Minister on Monday, March 11, 2024.

Sing’oei further stated that the lack of a political administration in Haiti provides no ground or anchor for the mission.

Kenya, therefore, will wait for the installation of a recognised constitutional authority before further decisions on the deployment are made.

Haiti gang leaders taking over the nation’s main prison.

“The deal they signed with the president still stands, although the deployment will not happen now because definitely, we will require a sitting government to also collaborate with,” an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, as seen in the New York Times.

“Because you don’t just deploy police to go on the Port-au-Prince streets without a sitting administration," he added.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned as Haiti’s top leader following a crisis meeting held between the 15-member Caribbean Community regional bloc known as CARICOM.

Also discussed in the meeting, was the creation of a presidential college, that would pick a new interim Prime Minister to hold fort.

“We acknowledge his resignation upon the establishment of a transitional presidential council and naming of an interim prime minister,” the President of Guyana and chairman of CARICOM Mohammed Irfaan Ali stated.

This comes a day after the Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki confirmed the mission was in the pre-deployment stage, despite court orders barring the operation.

“There was a small court matter but it has been resolved. We are now in the pre-deployment stage all the other programs are in place,” Kindiki revealed.

The Former US special envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote in an interview with Aljazeera cautioned the country against sending their troops to the gang-raided nation, terming Kenya as a third-world country with no capacity to deliver on the mission.

God has intervened to stop this government from making a complete ass of itself. Ruto needs to curb his appetite for other people’s money. If it was during slavery this guy would sell all of us.