Why Kenyan Future is Bright...

Msipee roho shida juu ya BBI Kenyans. The shit was done in a hurry mostly because most Governors are on their last terms and Raila still wants in. Hii kitu imefanywa kwa haraka sana and after they all get what they want, they will realize it was a mistake.

Look at it this way. All these new seats put in place si ziko na term limit? Term limit ikiisha will they then ask for a constitutional change to create more seats? What Raila did will have future effects in this way. He conned his way into a deal. I have a question. What will stop a future opposition leader from doing the same? Cause chaos then demand a constitutional change to cater for his/her demands. He/she will have the right to do so because they will refer to Raila as an example.

BBI is meant to please anyone and in the process, the same politicians it is pleasing, it will hurt them. There will be too many waheshimiwas and they will step on each other’s toes. It will be a mad house. It will be so bad that they will yet again request for a constitutional change to reduce the numbers. It took a a short time to have a referendum again. How long do you think until the next one? Everyone can’t be a winner guys. It has never worked like that.

Also guys, wacha waingie they serve na term ikiisha, wataenda. I have noticed people are acting as if when BBI passes watakufa. You have no say in this. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit. You have only one vote that they can easily manipulate to suit the outcome they want. But don’t lose hope. In 40 years most of these f*ckers will be dead or retarded and anything they have done can be undone. Reason, the country is bigger than some few greedy assholes.

Also nimeona ati watu wanaogopa the sons and daughters of these politicians? Ati watatukalia kama wazazi wao. Kwani Kenya ni yao? Watoto gani hao sasa? Rose ama Raila Odinga junior? They have too many personal issues. Hao wanawatisha aje? Gideon Moi na yeye kwanza akinyanduliwa bibi na @uwesmake he will be so pissed to focus. The bald f*ck was brought up so overprotected he can’t tell North from South. He thinks the surname Moi itampea urais. Hawa wa Uhuru hawajui ata Kiswahili wanawatisha aje??? They seem to be more comfortable away from the limelight. Hawa wa Ruto wanakaa kupenda raha and staying away from the limelight. Watawatisha pia kweli???

Kenya is ours guys and the future is bright. Stay safe, sanitize, avoid being misused by these fools na kama u wish to vie one day sharpen your skills, mobilize resources and bond with your God. Look up, smile and cheer up.

Who needs a bright future when our today is in shambles because of a terrible mistake in the past?

BBI is repeating the same mistakes (glorifying leaders and positions over development) over and over while expecting different results. In short, only a fool would accept this madness.

Ata usipokubali utado? Even if we all vote no ujue the ruling elite always gets what they want.

If we had balls tungefanya kama Egypt. Locking down the capital city mpaka Uhuru awekwe Kamiti.

If it was that simple they wouldnt need BBI

There is the past referendums that we have rejected…kumbuka orange vs banana? Actors btw are still the same. That shows how pathetic we are as citizens…allowing the same fools to romp us mercilessly from time immemorial.

And now we are talking if hustlers and dynasties, these fellas are good at rebranding. We forget these are the same cunts.

Allowing demonic tribalism to consume you.

Saa mbili asubuhi

Osha kuma upate customer.

Village bottom gay meffi. Grow a brain stop using your big head like a teeth store patricia

BBI chieth must fall

@Dunya osha kuma ndio kastama waje. Usiogope sabuni na maji @Dunya .