Why Kenyan economy will is in ICU- UhuRuto tano tena!

I lived in Lebanon from 2016 to 2019; and I can tell you Kenya by 2022 will be the next Lebanon or the second Zimbabwe of Africa; Here is the Reason

  1. Lebanon financial collapse was due to corruption and mismanagement as elites borrowed without restrained ( https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-lebanon-crisis-financial-explainer/explainer-lebanons-financial-meltdown-and-how-it-happened-idUKKBN268223 ). Kenya is more corrupt than Lebanon and mismanagement is so rampart.

  2. Lebanon is a net import of fuel - same as ours we import alot and have little sources of dollars save for tourism and tea. Lebanon had more tourists than Kenya but that never helped them. Point is our exports will not cover the dollar shortages

  3. Diaspora remittances- Kenya relies on money from diaspora to get the green buck but with the COVID-19 things have gotten worse. There is a shortage of dollars being remitted. Lebanon had twice their population living outside the country that is more than 10 million people. They remitted dollars - with promises of high interest sai wanalia. Our diaspora is estimated at 3 million people- you can see why diaspora money will not save us.

  4. IMF will knock our doors- When countries go to IMF for debt restructuring jua ni kubaya. IMF will give you so many tough conditions that will make the government unpopular. Kenya tuko hapa. People will get sacked, taxes increases, food prices increase and our pensions reduced.

UhuRuto tano tena!

This is what many of us want. By 2022 Uhuru Ruto Raila and their friends will have zero claim to leadership.

That Lebanon story is scary. It is exactly like Kenya. At some point, we wont be able to borrow. We are already approaching IMF, who are lenders of the last resort ( when everybody else rejects you , or demands ridiculous collateral).

Hamkusikia Ukur akisema some civil servants watarudi ushago? In their thousands. MGAs watu kazi.
We already approach IMF. Reducing government workforce was one of the conditions. Hakuna employment in civil service for the next three years. This I think is the second or third time since Uhuruto this is happening. Ingine ni increase in prices of basic commodities.
Bread, milk, unga, sugar, salt…zishapanda. labda juu mlikuwa festive season hamkunotice

This is what we’ve been praying. System ziko lapse we go for elite properties.

Ukweli wa mambo

There are many Kenyans who may consider you elite!!

Kenya tuko na pesa bwana

What will differentiate you from the thieves?

Until we reunite Church and State, these things will continue to happen.

You are a big fool

When did the two part?

:D:D I really want us to get there…

You clearly do not know what you’re talking about.

Walalahoi watakujia mali na bibi yako.

The same church that accepts Ruto’s stolen money?

Are you sure? Kenyans would rather die than betray their chosen tribal gods. Kenyans are suffering right now and they love the looters more than ever.

Unknown to you, you might be the elite/ dynasty in your area

Wadau tulizeni. No need to panic we the “Dynasties” got you covered. I mean ya’ll know this shithole is a neocolonialist protectorate right … we the Dynasties are just trustees to the real owners. You all just have to work a little harder and pay more taxes … which we will probably fuk it up … but this shithole will still be here for a hot minute.

This will likely lead to anarchy…I need to but a gun.