Why is Xiaomi so cheap even with high specs?

Flora Ding, journalist (2016-present)
Updated May 25

I visited Xiaomi company last week as a journalist, and I asked them the same question. The answer is “Xiaomi wants the technology to be shared by all, not just by rich. ”A good Xiaomi air purifier is only sold at the price of 669rmb (100 US dollars) , why? The senior trainer of Xiaomi answered “because all people deserve to breathe clean air, not just rich people, but poor people.”
Likewise, an international award winning lamp is only arouand 166 RMB, (25 US dollars), Xiaomi only takes 5% of the profit, their goal is to change the old perceptions such as “the expensive is good”, to make good products for all, not just for rich people.
I think this is why many people like Xiaomi, because this is a company with spirit, their laptop doesn’t even have Xiaomi logo on it. Because they believe everybody can be the designer of Xiaomi, their products belong to all.
And this is also the reason why I became a fan of Xiaomi after visiting their company.

the theory is that Naomi is using Huawei’s strategy as in lower price drastically till you get the recognition as big brands like samsung then they hike their prices.
but i think its cause they incur less cost to manufacture and reach out to the end user. for instance, they are in partnership with qualcomm hence their chipsets are relatively cheaper; Naomi never advertises like samsung and co hence no cost in marketting; their units are sold immediately they’re produced through flash sales. etc

Huawei has impressive features

Hii simu inaitwa umidigi

Hehehe, this is just PR. Xiaomi decided to bet on services. The best way to get people to use your services is to make your hardware as affordable as possible. Other than advertising, the internet of things is the next frontier. I bet they’re hoping their products will be bought by so many people that they’ll have a sizable ecosystem through which they will sell their services.

If there are people who really enjoy Xiaomi worthy products, those people are the Indians! Wahindi na Naomi ni kama Maasai na shuka yake! Whenever you search for a Xiaomi product review unaipata iko youtube, but in Telugu, damn!!!

Xiaomi’s biggest market is India

Wewe unacheza na a billion people! Hata 200m tu wakinunua your product uko sorted and thats india only! Double that for the world!

True that, I have a xiaomi with nyapdragon 855 whic I bought at 23k

Xiaomi spies for China

on that note, is this a solid deal? https://www.jumia.co.ke/xiaomi-redmi-note-5-32gb-3gb-ram-single-sim-black-26008009.html

Single SIM. Hii ndio deal

The 8a’s 2GB RAM + SD 439 haileti shangwe sana omwami. the 5000 mAh battery and the 4G band 28 is pretty good though but the B28 isn’t important to me as telkom has got some pretty comparable bundles with faiba.

the Note 5 has 3GB RAM +[SIZE=6] SD 636 [/SIZE]and 4000 mAh battery which is still pretty good. and a thousand bob cheaper. Single sim sucks but i can compromise on that as i already have a Dual sim Redmi GO.

Hizo simu Android ni meffi tu Unless ni ya abnormally high prices

Just for the sake of asking, what can an expensive phone do a 13-20k can’t do. They have the same screen size. It may have expanded storage of 60gb plus but what for, it is not a computer that I will store files in it. Why do you guys buy them for?

Which services do they specialise in?

They try to clone Apple which has services such as itunes. Even though Xiaomi makes phones for the android platform, they try hard to be autonomous. So they have their own app store, advertising platform, music store, cloud storage etc. In the long term that will earn them more money.


I could cite Durability, since expensive phones tend to have superior build quality than cheaper ones. I could also say capabilities, since expensive phones tend to be equipped with extra useful features like the compass where as cheap ones lack. But I think it would have been better if you started a separate thread for this question.

Great company , great products

They are cheap because they push ads on phones, also they don’t do mainstream advertising. I don’t see them hiking prices in near future