Why is Kalooser sooo silent?

No demostrations kwake ukambani, wiper MPs not seen during nairobi maandamano, etc.

What will nasa do now that Raila is going for treatment abraod? Yes, it is treatment, forget the propaganda about going for some official engagement. Who is that uninformed about Kenya elections to invite him during campaigns?

Remember he was not there on Teargas Mondays. Ka-Wiper has always been the sort that follows the hunters and demands a choice cut once the beast is felled.

Why is wetangula not saying chiloba must go when in bungoma?
supposing Raila withdraws from election, how does that benefit him? Apart from avoiding sure humiliation, because of his age, i dont see any other benefits. Even if we argue that he is capable of causing widespread unrest, which he is not at the moment, the only settlement is another election. How does that benefit him?

The problem i see now with Raila startegy is that most nasa mps have refused to participate. In Nairobi, only Mbadi, Wanga, and Buyu have made some pretence of participating. This make it look like a Luo affair. This has really deflated the whole strategy.

The media has tried very hard to make it look like something but they have failed. Even the star is getting tired of lying for Nasa. Nation has even stopped calling for changes at IEBC. Remember they called maraga judgement historical even before it was written. Nullification was to give nasa momentum, but it seems things did not work that way. Their civil society friends at best sound timid and unsure. Maina Kiai was lying in his Saturday nation that Njoki Nungu said she verified 40K forms, which is not the case. How that passes the editor i dont know.

The propaganda that he is travelling for some important engagements is supposed to give him an image of a well connected individual internationally. This is the same thing they were doing in 2007, but as we know now from Miguna’s book, he was just meeting Miguna and some Rwandese hookers in Canada. Why become so predictable? If you want your plans to succeed, you stay to oversee them, you dont run away in the hope of constructing an image of a well connected and sleek individual.

How hard is it for Kenyan media to confirm the ‘invite to lecture at Chaltam House’ and it’s by which organization and how respectable are they or it’s just some shoddy outfit?
Why does the media in Kenya always fail that much?

Mimi siamini RAo, he’s never been a leader ! Nani alienda na funguo za morning sacco ? We need prayers

Forget about JaKuon…


Upusu. Did he just realise this after losing the election? Too late to warm up to someone’s butt

Tulia Kanono sindano ikuingie taratibu, kwani mtu akianguka anaendelea kukaa hapo chini ama anaamka na kuangalia kilichomuangusha na kuchukua Mkono mpya? Omar has seen the light and joined RWNEBP.

Coz they are dumb like that!

Exactly, you don’t just sit down there crying and feeling miserable. You wake up, dust yourself, look where you went wrong and chart the way forward afresh.

Water melon anareconcile pesa ya paybill safcon wasikue wamechota kiasi:D

After kutusi safcom lazima wawe wanachota kitu kwa hio till yao


You would also go silent if you found yourself bila mbele wala nyuma

Wee Kanono mbona unaleta imagery za ki-Abdul?

The moment you said “Long” ndio nimeacha kusoma

Pesa ilipita kitambo na The Great JaKuon & Ida tag team. Even Safaricom was caught by surprise

He has been reduced to saying that if any presidential candidate dies because of withdrawal of security, they would be no elections, just pity him

They compiling materials to be used as court evidence after repeat poll

He he, too late, you should have pointed it out before I edited, as it stands now, you have no effidense.