Why is it that Nilotes can't lead peacefully?

Nilotic people are awesome human beings, but it seems they can’t maintain peace when given power. Why is it that South Sudan has not known peace for decades and Uganda suffered immensely under the hands of Idi Amin, Obote and Tito Okello. Look at Joseph Kony, the Acholi man who used to use child soldiers and annihilate villages in northern Uganda. Look at west Pokot in Kenya, guys still think we are in the 15h century and cattle raiding is still the thing.

Hundreds of thousands died, all in all, because of petty politics and misuse of power. Museveni had to mobilize Bantus from central and southern Uganda and even Tanzanians (Bantus) had to come in at some point for Uganda to gain peace, which has now lasted for over 34 years. Who will save South Sudan?

Is there any country where Nilotes have an established a peace-loving ruling elite? Apart from our very own Moi?

south sudan is a special case just like zoomalia kkwa kina @Bingwa Scrotum,even the year 2200 they will still be fighting

Bantus are passive, but they’re stealth. My two cent’s.

Moi was a Nilote

Hutu and Tutsi are Bantu.

People hate to hear this,Sub-saharan Africa without Bantus would be either a bush , a war-zone or taken over by Europeans like they did in Australia…

and look at the mess he left of a vibrant promising economy…

Mobutu, bokassa were Bantus too. Did they leave prosperous nations?

Those are exceptions… and by the way, they held the nations together… though extremely corrupt…

The ultimate Bantu wanking parade

ha ha cushite crying, Somalis are not even a going concern anymore…
failure == Somalis

Nilotes tend to have various shades of the Miguna syndrome and the hubris of “Dr Disinfectant”. They work with you (or for you) but feel that you have a lesser brain, and they can do better. That is why senior Odinga could not work with Kenyatta, and Raila could neither work with Moi nor Kibaki. Even now, the only thing keeping him sniffing Jameson’s butt is the fat hand-cheque and the fact that the trappings of power satisfy that inner “I am very very important” complex.

-The Kalenjins might be related, but they have a quiet dignity and dependability.

Delusions of grandeur, i have noticed that too… whenever there is an intellectual despute, A nilote will claim to be right just becuase he is a nilote…
whereas on the ground vitu ni tofauti… very prevalent with river lake nilotes.

Fuck the nilotes. Kikuyu are the real owners of this country we contribute 99.8% of the GDP

-That is a deranged attitude, and you know it; kumbaff!!!

Mumeru wewe unafaa kuniunga mkono


Uhuru Kenyatta put on the same measure is a Nilote?

For all this fancy empty talk about “peaceful Bantu virtues”:

1.There’s the DRC war that’s been going on for nearly 25 years. Come rain,shine, Ebola or COViD there is no end in sight to the murders, rapes and pillaging.

  1. The most famous war of all- Rwanda Genocide. When peaceful Bantus tried to wipe out Bantu speaking Nilo-Hamites.

3… Angola war fought between Bantus from 1975 to present.

  1. Mfecane- When peace loving Zulus led by Shaka invented a more efficient crude weapon and used it to butcher any Bantu that said no to their quest for power.

  2. South Africa- peaceful Bantus who when not raping, robbing and murdering each other, loot kill and plunder from other Africans in their country (but never try to use that same energy on whites)

In conclusion, what a bs thread.

The thread owner is just sugar coating saying nilotes all those conflicts he describes the Larger Luo nation

South Sudan , dinka and nuer = Luo chaos
Uganda Kony,Amin acholi = luo chaos
Karamajong , in Ethiopia = Luo chaos
Kenya , Ochuka = luo chaos .

Hata Garang angechukua kiti , Machar bado angeleta blood shed

All that made the east African Bantu leaders very suspicious of Raira(museveni has never liked the guy) because he looked like a guy to unify the luo nation and causing more chaos.