why is it a problem getting rid of an ex

this maneno of keeping in touch with ex’s uleta shida, they call anytime and want to come kejani for one reason or other…they will be mad if they meet up with a temp resident na anajua we just friends.

Mbisha tafasari!


It is a problem because you are the problem

So ?

Lamest hekaya so far…

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Just wasted a minute of my life reading non sense…

siiiiiiigh! The problems we wake up to!

as in?

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dnt mind me, im just reading the comments

Hekaya nusu tulikataa .

give all the details


El Chapo huboeka sana Na story kaa hizi.

Maybe your ex’s are the ones with an issue. Me I got over 30 of them and no one bothers me.


If you give them space don’t complain bro

Why are you meeting with them in the first place. It’s not like you have any obligations to do so…


i delight in keeping them in touch waone ile ujinga walikuwa nayo…

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