Why is he always asking me to sleep over at his place?

So this guy am dating never takes me out or anything…he asks me to hang out at his place all the time…is he serious with me?

How old are you?

If that’s your real pic he is serious. Get the minimum 7 and come tell us. Thank me later.

You are dating an introvert. Suggest something different to him maybe he’s just comfortable indoors. Is he financially stable? Pengine hana pesa ya kukupeleka sabina joy… Na uwache kutusumbua na upus ya relationships hapa only you can know your problems and solutions. Meffi keti pale - - - - - - - --------------->[ATTACH=full]58283[/ATTACH]

Invite to room+254

It’s important for the threshold to be attained


@Jasmine , I want you to remember one thing

Its me, yours @Bingwa Scrotum , that welcomed you here

See all those above me, they are nasty …most of them are ukimwi

I am your Captain Save-Me

Yasmin yaani nakusaidia na unanitusi. Haina mambo. Lakini ukiona huyo chali anapenda ukienda kwake uko na coomer tamu. Yeye hukula DFHKMBLBHNKN?

mind your own business…u sound like u have a small dick

monologue detected


He’s afraid of the dark

Yes small enough to fit in your throat dear Yasmin. Pole let me not derail your thread. Let me call Dr. Kitoto . Yameisha

@Swidfil Makanje niaje? Sasa mbona unataka tuamini wewe ni mwanamke? NOOGLE !!

What is your old handle?

Huyo ako very serious.He’s training you to be a HOUSEWIFE

50000th handle. Negro u have issues

sasa umechange kwenda pink handle tena? smfh

In a few months hii kijiji itakua Bingwatalk.com