Why is Gilbeys overhyped?

I recently took gilbeys and had 5 days stomach ache…besides high sex drive.Why is the current generation praising Gilbeys so much yet it has existed for a decade plus.What is or what has been your experience with gilbeys gin?

Ya siku hizi iko adulterated

My experience of people who drink cheap spirits, is that they just want to get knocked out.

The more pertinent question is why is Gilbeys 1k in Kenya? It’s half that price in other countries.

Gilbeys is bullshit! Save us cash

Blue ice iko sawa

Afadhali ukunywe tu Smirnoff Vodka ama Black and White whiskey kama huna pesa ya kukunywa Jack Daniels kama sisi birrioneas.

Kwani umefanya upgrade from Napoleon chieth?

The Pink Gilbeys is not so bad. The reason Kenyans love Gibleys is coz they believe it’s the only alcoholic drink which has not been replicated by kariobangi industries.
I’m sure your stomachache wasn’t gin related.

Personally I’m a whiskey gal. Gin brings about alot of misbehavior.

Pombe zimekua in existance close to 100years getting hyped now,goes to show how imbibers are either too young to know of its existance or new money and uninformed to the point of thinking everything is new ikimezwa na kunyi west . Take for example brands like offwhite,supreme,LV,they have been around over thirty years,balenciaga since 1917,moncler '52, oldie but goodie birkin bags '84,the minute a celebrity dons them,thats it. Waletwe kenya wakule mitura tuuziwe piece moja 6mirrions

If a KTalk get together ever happens, I know what am bringing for you.

JD reminds me of that video that did rounds when Kalembe Ndile died.

Punitive taxes.

Black and Ice is a No.Hiyo ni sumu

:eek::eek: usiseme hivo. Which video ?
Na vile I’ve just decided to chill with a tot or two…or a bit more.


These must be millennials …everywhere Gilbeys

Oh,do apprise us your with your risplendent chronicles of imbibing gin. Tunapenda hekaya:D:D:D

:D:D:D There will never be a ktalk get together.

By the way should KTalk plan for a get together after curfew …count me in

I alternate JD sour mash with the JD honey…

Are the JD’s in Kenya adulterated?

I prefer Grants Whisky.