why I wonder?? So Shockinngg???


hajui kutafuta out of millions of men lazima apate,wa kutomba na kuhepa

it’s called baby rabies. Hakuna mwanaume anaeza mkaribia. It feels toxic just being near her


unatomba kwa kondom unapotea mtu ka huyo unamdanganya anakupa kuma rahisi

Huyu ni wa kutomba…ukitosheka unatoroka mbio sana

Women really are incapable of self-reflection. Ni kama tu vyenye mtoto anaweza jikunia aanze kunuka meffi and the little thing isn’t even aware. Yaani hawezi angalia situation yake tu hivi aone kwanini mandume hawataki kusimama mahali ako? Seriously, does she expect a sane man to waste his time and resources “getting to know her” when she has a brood of three kids? Huyu si unakula kama umeingia Ngong forest. Condom ata unatoa ukikimbia:D:D:D

Hakuna kulea burukenge. If it takes impregnation from the bush to humble you, pambana na hali yako pole pol.

:D:D:D:D:D…Women and accountability just don’t mix.

If she can reconcile with her ex-hubby, that would be her best option. Alternatively, she could visit a sperm bank. But why? 3 kids is more than enough. I wish I could advise her to stay single coz with 3 kids, a divorce on her record and low self esteem makes her a prime target for abuse. This is how women are getting themselves killed nowadays. Men are not easy to handle even in the best of circumstances, like what is she thinking? Jesus is the best husband for her. Atulie na alee watoi in peace.

:D:DJesus does not pay bills… What she is looking for albeit not saying in the message is a man to mop her explosive past!!! Goodluck to her

But Jesus is not a beta male who’ll pay fees and rent another man’s kids:D:D:D

She needs a magic touch like the samaritan woman at the well. This one even if she had 10 husbands providing for her, hawezi tosheka because there are some deep yearnings of the soul that no baby or man can quench. I honestly don’t expect either of you to know what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:

This is a made up story meant to excite small boys who like laughing at women’s predicament. That said, u young boys in your 20s and 30s mnacheka hapa pray that u dont turn out to be failure bachelors in your 40s and 50s. Hawa singo moms mnadharau hapa ndio mtajipata mkioa. Endeeleni tu kunywa pombe

ndume kama @Starscream hawezi acha

We all act nice and fail to tell them the facts, just like she was picky at her prime years so are men when it comes to who they will share their sweat with. But a fcuk buddy is always availabe

At 40s alpha male tutakua tunafanya globe-trotting. single mother is a no-go zone

Shaming mixed up with scare tactics. Typical. Lakini hizo haziwezi fanya mwanaume anajiheshimu aende kuoa single matha, cleaning another man’s mess. You’d have to be a really low self-esteem and naive man to think that a woman, and a single matha at that can come and make your life better, whether you’re in your 20s or in your 50s.

“struggling” meaning she wants a financial saviour!!! Hehe aint nobody gonna pay bills for 3 bastards… There is a reason why alpha animals eg lions kill kids of the female that he is inheriting… But tutaitwa majina lets soldier on

Lipa bills bila kusumbua nani!