Why I Pay For Sexx

  1. Lanyes are hot girls no doubt. Compared to your average girlfriend [ATTACH=full]304041[/ATTACH]
    Those who are against paying for sexx show me pic ya girlfriend wako. Bure kabisa.

  2. You pay them to go away and not bother you emotionally or mentally. Hence become a more productive man. You weren’t gonna marry her anyway

  3. They have low IQ so most of the time you get a better bargain. E.g it only cost me 500Ksh to tap dat [ATTACH=full]304042[/ATTACH]
    I bet she’s hotter than your girl na nilikula na mia tano tu.

  4. Lanyes are great in bed ukilipa pesa poa she turns into an acrobat.

  5. Lanyes are known to have STDs so you are extra careful unlike your girlfriend mwenye ametoka kupea boss wake bj then anakam kukupea munju. Hidiot!

  6. Lanyes are not your girlfriend so you can smash as many as you like. Any day!

  7. Lanyes don’t ask for dates and outings and then blackmail you with their .

  8. Lanyes are easy to find and very convenient for a busy man.

  9. Lanyes are brutally honest, hence help you to improve your sex game.

  10. Lanyes are usually dirty and that somehow turns me on.

Conclusion, I’m not saying lanyes are better than a virtuous girlfriend yule wa proverbs 31 but the reality is that better the devil you know. Hawa girlfriend’s wenu wa mchana ndio lanyes wetu wa jioni.

Oh, and please spare me that “alpha male” bullshit, tunajua you don’t get any pussy! Better ya lanyes

Thanks for coming to my TedsEx

Lanye are good if you are married na hutaki stress za mipango wa kando

Hapo kwa brutal honesty ni ukweli.
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Lakini ubaya wa makahaba ni wizi, wengi wao ni wezi sugu ambao watakuwekea dawa kisha wakupore.

Piga umalaya polepole bila kusumbua sisi. We are busy praying for God to forgive the humans before the impeding apocalypse na wewe ni story tu za umaraya.

Chindwe pepo

Hapa ndio umekosea you don’t get a bargain coz of low IQ, you get a bargain coz most of them are desperate for that cash. Unapata msichana wa campo usiku ako parked nje charging 500-1k

I don’t know what sort of niche you have and where you get your lanyes from but these two things shouldn’t be in one sentence. Wewe ndio mmoja wa wale wa kutomba machokora and roadside beggers sio


Low-life dude suffering from low self-esteem, coming up with 10 points to justify why you should scavenge on carcass rather than hunt for fresh meat, you should be shot on sight

Ukweli mtupu

You don’t need to justify/ explain anything… endelea na umalaya.

The fact that your identity is tied around these people says alot about you. The fact that you feel like you have to justify this vice with a good 10 points says you know something is wrong with what you are doing. And you want others to join you in your sinking ship. I’ve never found a great deal then gone online to convince people why the deal is great. I just enjoyed my good fortune quietly. Your self esteem is really in the Dumpster.

Like @chap said i see death lingering in the vicinity…

Will using a condom with a lanye prevent genital warts? Herpes? Crabs? Aha!

Watu hawajui vile warts sio jokes buda hizo vitu zinaeza kufanya usitake kupiga vitu raw tena

why did you decide to share? hmm…

Sawa Stivo Simple boy

Why not

HPV skin to skin contact STIs ukijua kukula lanyes poa you will never get them plus it’s an irrational point since unaweza ipata even from your dear gf…

Lanys generally have low IQ. That’s why they sell cootchie in the first place. Hawana akili ya kufanya creative businesses like other big brained small boobed women.

We al pay for pussy in one way or another