Why i joined Kilimani moms FB group & am a man<--details inside

Yall know Kilimani moms FB group is a All women Group…well i had to create a pseudo “female acct” to join the group and this is why i did so…well a good friend of mine who is happily married was questioned by wifey that some chic in Kilimani moms had posted his pic in the group and was telling members ati boy is a player and has Ukedi. My nigga plus wifey normally do an HIV test yearly so wife was like karii kii? Kumbe the chic who had posted that crap was an 'Ex of jamaa…uwivu ya wanawake when u wacha them and resettle ndo maana she trying kum chomea picha…After he told me of ths incidence i remeniced about the chix i have f*cked and dumped and told my self T.I.G tengeneza pseudo acct and keep a close eye on this group…niko ndani na picha yangu ni ya mdem innocent jina ina strt na K.

Now go wank. Sere.


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i have a female account but when i search kilimani mums groups nikama saba ivi

Uliona muchene ya salon haikutoshi ndio ukaenda kutafuta ingine online eeeeh?

Manze shocks hajakuambia poa.

Tupatie hekaya . Wacha upuus… you were next inline for HOYA awards…

Wewe kazi yako ni kunywa ma tusker kaa punda za kiambu na kurudi kusoma hekaya za watu. Why dont u post something today for a change ?

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hauku iona jana asubuhi, na kwanza juu ya hiyo story admin bado hajanilipa, over 50 posts and counting should give me some good mullah!

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Mcoondu inakuwasha nini.


If you been in this village long enough you would know I have a very thick skin to be offended by such cheap shots.

You could have brought gold from kili moms but you brought a load of shit. proudOfYouson.jpg

Buda, kila siku unatuchocha vile wewe balaa web design lakini hapa ku attach picha imekuwa ngori?


Hehe @TIG so what did you find out hivi hivi. ION where is @Gnabry

TIG = This Is Gay

Post something original not this stupid nonsense of scrolling the net for stuff only you thinks is funny.

Admin alitoa equator, welcome back TIG aka Gnabry.

A girlfriend once push me to check some muchene on the page only to find multiple accounts and closed groups… WTF? Didn’t get a fake account (don’t have time for that). There’s one public group though, I clicked through to see what’s the fuss with the group… the salon talk on that page even Maina of Classic FM can’t keep up…my head was spinning from reading all the nonsense from just one post! Very simple if your man is fucking around how about you get someone to pound you proper and cut the bullshit rants!

Have you found one for yourself or you just want to mislead akina @Nananimpa coz @Ka-Buda anacheza away matches