I came across this story and I remember it almost happend to me
Dear Kitoto,

I am a 22 year old, third year student. Three years ago, after I completed high school, my guardian (who is a relative), raped me and took my virginity.

After trying to tell my story to a counsellor and pastor who is also a friend and failing to be heard, I lost my faith in God.

It pains me all the time considering that I have told out my story several times without help. My behaviour is getting out of hand because of the desperate moves I am making and this is affecting the leadership positions I hold in church because I feel unworthy.

I feel humiliated because did this through blackmail, claiming he is assisting me and that there is nowhere I can go without his help.

I was forced to live with him because my mum could not afford my school fees. I cannot tell this to his wife because it will damage their marriage and his reputable position in church.

I have had ulcers and athritis and he doesn’t care about my treatment so everyday I live with pain just waiting for the nightfall so I can just sleep. I don’t want to go home because I don’t want to see him. I have since I resolved to live with my boyfriend for the vacation.

I wish I was part of the 147 because I have no hope in life…

The two families are looking up to me because I am the only one who has joined University. My dreams of being a respectable, good mannered young woman were shattered by the incident in 2012.

I now want to get pregnant and leave school because I cannot bear this any more or better yet, take away my life.

How evil can men be? I usually insist, men will always CHEAT!!! and those who haven’t it’s the opportunity that has not presented itself.

So unasema siwesmake upande yako, yawa

Jua that wanaume ni tofauti. I understand your perspective, however you can’t judge the rest of the species by the few frogs that you have kissed.


the dumber they are the more sweetness is packed under the blondeness

so we should hate all women because a woman chopped of a man’s genitals or because another one plotted to kill her husband?


@spax marry me I will not cheat on you.

I am not fully understanding this story. The girl was raped by a rela…why is she upset with the pastor? which are these two families she is talking about? and who are the 147?

Imagine this is a Moderator and he is a FISI!!!..SMH


Mundu Naona umefanya inheritance ya nyege kutoka kwa nani?
Well i have a friend who went through the same though for her it happened while she was in primo by some uncle of her.
She has never trusted men expect me after all i have done for her.
She has always suggested that once am in nairobi it should go down coz she thinks thats the only she gain gain confidence again.

mordern day knights and saviours.

Uhunye ni president na ni Team Mafisi to the core.

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It’s psychological and traumatizing, I wouldn’t wish any lady to go through such an experience. You end up hating all men, even your dad.

Why does she want to spare the man’s marriage yet she’s hurting from the man’s actions. Expose everything and let the man also hurt even if she risks losing his support.

continue hating all of them


Hii ni hekaya. Kitoto should raise the standards of evidence to match our KEBS here.

How about this?

Get over yourself and get some dick…the world ain’t perfect!

About sexual abuse…out the nigga!


The pastor took the high MORAL road, her family and the relas (guardian family) and the garisa 147

For this one Bitch!!! I let it pass and live to fight another day

Come on ladies! we haven’t had a cat fight in Ktalk for a long time. Go ahead and reach for each others hair!! Scratch the biach…SCRATCH! Hit her kanyau with a shoe! Tear down her Bra! COME ON! FIGHT!!!


Hizi letters za Kitoto huwa hekaya, kama zile calls za Maina Kagayni

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