Why I don't go to Pastors for prayer

Today a friend was telling me how her relay went to a Naija church in Lagos for prayers. I won’t say the name. But they sell water and some beads to wear on the wrist.Yes, like hirizi utapata kwa mganga kutoka Sumbawanga. She seemed to like the idea.

Now wakristo wenzangu, why do we want to put go between us and God when Christianity is the only faith where you have a direct line to God? You are a child of God. No need for a messenger or a prophet or a devotee to intercede for you bcz God cannot have kids and gods need a devotee to be reached.

Then you take a flight to Nigeria not to eat Fufu or that rice of theirs what do they call it… Jollof rice.Nah! You havent even gone to look at the fine Yoruba Brothers. Nope. Yaani a whole grown ass person umeenda Naija kununua maji. Majic Maji. Na ukibahatika uombewe in person .

Tofauti ya some of these ‘prophets’ na mganga ni gani exactly. Lemme tell you how it’s like kwa mganga. Don’t ask me how I know please but I know. They tell you how someone amekutumia shida. That you can’t verify bcz it’s very vague.Ofcourse umewaelezea shida yako ni gani. Then they give you something for it.

BTW I used to but frankly right now and for some time now that dependency iliisha haraka coz I saw how dependency on anything especially human beings is a recipe to be exploited and to become vulnerable to be controlled by them or it. That’s how simple it is. Move from dependency to people to dependency on God. What does the Bible say? Cursed is he who depends on men. Those who put their trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion they can never be moved.

Currently especially churches on TV hakuna hata kuhubiri or coperate prayer anymore. It’s purely personal prophecy and prayer. Some even have a magic wand yes just channel surf and you will find it. How is this different from a soothsayer or those astrologers or palm reader or tarot card reader. Exactly like the occult is what some of these churches have bcm. Matter of fact many use powers of darkness to get you those ‘miracles’.

I know, God is complicated. God can not be manipulated. God has standards. God needs time. No quick kutabiriwa and one minute prayer from ‘the man of God’. You must have a real relationship with God no quickly type side plate arrangement, ‘Friends’ With Benefits. Like now you have to meet terms and conditions. You have to do right by God and make huge compromises like bcz God does not like something, if you like it, it’s gotta go to keep the relationship. It’s hard work. But then God is the only One you can trust with your problems bcz humans done become sharks yes even in churches, when they smell blood they go for the kill, so they can’t know your problems.For money. Even for sex is why women having trouble in their marriage end up pregnant with the pastor’s kid. They didn’t just stumble into the man’s arms, they became vulnerable by showing the pastor the chink in their Armour, for him to pray for their marriage or other problems.That’s where problems always start. Most importantly, God is sincere. ALWAYS. So you can trust Him. He is not a man to have ulterior motives. Or to exploit your weaknesses and problems and vulnerabilities to meet His needs. By manipulating you. And that my frens is why I don’t go to Pastors for prayer. God is enough, my prayers are enough. I don’t need a go between when Jesus tore the veil.And when Jesus is my high priest.

Because you should pray for yourself, the way Jesus peace be upon him prayed and showed his disciples .

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