why I don,t Want a family or kids

naeza ua mtu na I don’t want that on my subconscious

hio ni wale wazazi wa kuambia mtoi to face the wall and think about what you did Ama you’re grounded akifanya makosa,huku Africa mtoi analimwa sawasawa akileta ujinga

Huyo mtoto ni shetani.

Spare the rod and spoil the child! The good book was never wrong!

Shida ni hao wazazi. I’ve seen & experienced personally something like that. Parents who set their kids up by giving them a bad upbringing then go on to play victim and fake how they give everything yet receive only heartbreak from their children. Siamini hao wazazi hata kidogo. Like the pregnancy cases being seen with candidates. Most, if not all, were not physically forced into it but deceived into engaging in sex. They are children and a child will naturally fear strangers. Kuna kitu ingine. The parent has questions to answer. None of that “sijui ni nini mbaya na hawa watoto wa siku hizi” biz. A kid is set up by being ignored or lied to then the care giver plays a victim and demonizes the kid they are responsible for. Hakuna mtoto hujilea.

Read somewhere that the character of your kid depends on how that kid was conceived. If you had angry sex then expect…

Jeez not this shiat again!

Funny theory. Care explain it? Is that why my son is a happy go lucky boy?

Nimesoma nikachoka ntarudi baadaye

You were smiling when cumming

Where are the grandparents on both sides? Seemed they are locked up in some old people’s prison.

The man and his wife have broken their kids. Their teenage daughter, with their full knowledge, support, and even offers to provide pills and condoms, has had sex regularly in their house with at least three people one of which was a fellow girl! Ûka Jesû!

Anyway, his wife and him, should have learned to use this tool early enough. This goes for all “liberals” too.

There should be a ‘NOVEL’ section on ktalk. This Shyte though good is very long to read.

In Islam we say a dua before u sex for a reason

Jesus Christ, God help me, help my kids help us to be good parents to be tough when need be to be friends when need be , and to know when to tell those times apart

You forget the African system is more communal than the Westerners. Our traditions are totally different. For example, once my brothers got the cut,they moved to the outhouse ( we called it a cube back then) They were treated like adults from then on and given counsel by their uncles when there was need.

Holy shit. This is messed up. Imagine arguing with someone like that on a forum… Uko busy trying to summon your worst self not knowing the other side is a super-creep who has unlocked all the achievements.

This is why I exit nikitusiwa online.

If you have a big butt …and if you pooped on their heads while puuuuushing then through the birth canal then, …there’s no escaping from having shitty kids

We have so many incels in this village.
Kumbe it’s something that starts early. :oops:

NV, do you have to be so vulgar addressing people you barely know.

Ngoja, aren’t you the malaya one who does long winding threads detailing how u slept with men