Why I am an Escorter of Women

Unlike many young men my age who yearn for a monogamous long-term relationship with a woman ( marriage), i consider myself an escorter of girls to their rightful husbands. How do i do this?

I often hunt down a pretty-looking curvy chic at her prime while she is not necessarily aware of her value ( this sweet spot is 19 - 22 years ), for this one i wont pump and dump as i do with skunks over 27 years, but instead i act like i am convincing her that we are dating seriously. At the back of my mind, however, my aim is to secure the services of her pusy exclusively for the next 2/3 years while she is at her most sexual prime. This saves me from the trouble of having to deal with women my age who missed their train( i am 29) who will gladly withhold pusy unless a marriage offer is on the table.

After her 25th bday, i get lost and start over again with a younger girl. I plan to do this until i hit 40.


  1. Younger campus-going chics are vivacious, have a libido of a horse and the only occasional demand they have is a partly 5k shopping which is really nothing to me, anyway. They also have no problem spending a lazy weekend at my bachelor’s pad cleaning it, sucking my dick and sipping my whiskey. A woman my age will demand a vitz, house or some other bullshit.

  2. Since i have to constantly deal with young women at the prime of their sexuality, this sends a subconcious message to my brain that i gotta be at my best, both physically and financially. I still have that boyish clean cut frame while most my married peers wako na beer potbellies. I also make smarter and better investments since i dont have to split my paycheck with anybody. Such self-improvement will work wonders for anyone.

  3. I look 25 since i have never spent even one night awake worrying whether my dear wife cheated on me on that weekend workshop she attended last weekend at the coast.

  4. Nothing is sweeter than the supple, tight and unexplored body of a young woman. I pity my friends who have to share the same bed with a woman who has aborted twice, given birth via CS and adding pounds in all the wrong places ( michelin tyres )

Ktalk the land where

29 wanakimbiza tuschana TWA 19 badala ya kuoa na

Na 23 wanaleta 49 cougars mtaani

see your life … makes sense tho’ don’t hit 40 doing that … atleast have a baby somewhere then

Its a free world man

I hate kids, i will let other niggas do that the dirty work of raising/siring kids for me

survival for the fittest…hii ni classic social darwinism

You are the kind of men who will sire only girls…and karma will hit them on your behalf. sad

I dont plan on having any kids

Then cut off your balls…

Why should I? Just because i dont plan on wifing a used up skunk who wasted her younger years dick riding does not mean that i cant convince a 19-year-old fresher to suck my balls this weekend

okay … look for a younger gal then walk the way with her … make her your own

Maisha ya bachelor Ni tamu zaidi , fresh pussy ,hakuna nagging " wife" na tuko na more money than our married brothers…na unaona women catching feelings ohh hakuna a better feeling than being a bachelor .# Bachelor Gang

we were talking about children and not marriage…You are only 29. Too young to regret

Last year dec i hooked up with this 21-year-old campus hottie tukafika coast for my holidays. Tukiwa diani we bumped on one my exes back from campus who looked so ‘beaten down by life’ tagging along her tired-looking husband. The nigga couldn’t stop staring at the ample ass of my new fresh young catch, usitake jua how embarrased my ex ( his wife ) was. She really cursed me afterwards najua.

It takes a special kind of excellence to be a successful bachelor with options, most men dont want to pay this price

How will children help me? Especially before i am 45?

Hakuna kitu Uma Dame Kama kuona uli move on na uko na a better deal than she was,:D:D:D

being a bachelor is nice … but knowing you’ve someone main on your side is best…

I have a ‘main’, she is 21 and she will be the ‘main’ until 2022 when she turns 24. Comprehde?

Then i will shop for another ‘main’ from the pool.

so you’ve been a useless kid…and now a useless man??ama you born a grown ass man??