Why has Roselyn Akombe really really … RESIGNED?

Truth is stranger than fiction, I did suspect for a while that one of the things likely to happen as the elections draw nearer is some commissioners will resign, so I guess Akombe is only the first one, the beginning, as a co - captain of a ship you don’t resign when you see signs of trouble, you remain on board and help steer the ship and passengers to safety.

When resigning she said “the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) cannot be able to organise credible elections as is currently constituted” I read this words and though hang on, I have heard this words before.

The problem Kenya is facing is there is a team and a mind-set that has every intention of sending the nation to Canaan (I don’t think people understand the implication). The Israelites already took Canaan and got scattered. There are some working on overdrive at getting the peace of the nation scattered. Let our leaders seek after the Wisdom of Solomon.

The Question one must ask is why did Roselyn Akombe really resign, yet she was never singled out as one of those who must resign on the NASAs list of irreducible minimum. Also, what is the political crisis she say’s need to be resolved? This is meant to be an election, when did it become a political crisis and who made it so…?

nimeachia hapo.

Soros cough cough

Good for you, take heed, discern, observe, o you children of man.

She was CIAs undercover chief around here and since the goal wasnt accomplished, she had to save her ass before apatwe ngong (yea, akikunywa kahawa)

@Sily still cant accept we are in crisis, “continues whistling while milking the Zembu cow”

Akombe, Chebukati, Raila, Kabogo etc. seem to all read on the same page that there should be some kind of dialogue.
What are Uhuru and Raila sitting down to talk about, now that both sides have agreed no nusu mkate?

wafula alionadame amekuwa sumbua, akamtuma Dubai kuona printing machine…dame akahepea jiani


No talks. NO WAY, NO HOW!!

Focus on this…